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Malaysia shall join Indonesia to get 10 million maids by tomorrow

Maid and foreign worker agencies are all from UMNO cronies, they will import unlimited aliens to earn billion of commissions.

I bravely to say 80% Malaysian families do not need any domestic maid, a half of Indon maid ends up in the factories, restaurants, massage centers and hawker centers as cheap labor.

To outsource child care to domestic maid is a serious flaw in the parental role.

Malaysia needs 100,000 Indonesian maids – Subramaniam

SEGAMAT, June 3 (Bernama) — Malaysia needs about 100,000 maids from Indonesia following the lifting of the moratorium on the sending of its domestic workers here, said Human Resources Minister Datuk S. Subramaniam.

He said to date, the ministry had received between 70,000 and 80,000 applications for Indonesian maids and the number kept growing.

However, following high cost imposed on Indonesian agencies involved, they were more keen to provide maids to other countries offering more lucrative salaries.

“They are now providing training to maids intended for South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore,” he told a news conference at the Segamat Parliamentary Service Centre here today.

Subramanian said there were over 200,000 domestic helpers in the country, of which 150,000 were from Indonesia, 30,000 from Cambodia and the rest from other countries.

He said Malaysia was trying to get the second batch of Indonesian maids and the number was not known.

The ministry will continue to consult the Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) on domestic helper issues, he added.

Indonesia lifted its moratorium on the sending of its domestic workers here on Dec 1, 2011 and the first batch of 29 maids were recruited by their employers yesterday.

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WWW15 says:

in standard one syllabus of Msia education, Kakak also means your Indonesian Maid.

Mohd Aini says:

besides for the commissions earned to those “elites”; the import also shall help apanama’s vision of nusantara population of 70million (legal or illegal aliens pemutihan or not simply to keep the doctor in the house legacy alive).

Alfredo says:

Bolehland imports Indon maids but exports Awek to Japan as GROs with the help of Gagak Hitam syndicate.

You can trust the report rom The Star, as always:

Freddy says:

The Star is following the path of Harian Metro in publishing juicy news to arrest its declining circulation.

The Star should have done proper investigative reporting, to find out why Gagak Hitam thrives in Bolehland on student pass, paid the school fees and never attend the class. Ask the immigration how the student pass are issued, check withe the Education ministry why foreign students could come in but never study but operate underground activities. Ask why such private schools could be given lesen to promote balck crows activities, but not a chance for an independent chinese school to be set up in Kuantan.

The Star is just a BN mouthpiece and can never do the above. Yet many still buy and read the junk news, and continuosly quote it in their blogs as reliable news. So sad!