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I recall a Chinese Muslim was elected as Student Union President

A Chinese Muslim defected other Malay candidates with the full support from the Chinese minority and Malay female students. His handsome look is one factor of winning support from the female students.

He was forced to resign shortly because other Malay committee members boycotted him as President.

Obama is from a minority was elected as American President in a country traditionally the president is a white Christian.

Malaysia is a true 1Malaysia when a non-Malay and non-Muslim is becoming a Malaysian Prime Minister.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Must Be A Malay, Says Historian

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 (Bernama)– The Prime Minister of Malaysia must be a Malay Muslim even though there is no article in the Federal Constitution which prevents non-Malays from holding the post, because the majority of the country’s citizens are Malays, said an eminent historian.

Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim said everyone must accept the reality that Malays were the natives of Tanah Melayu, Malaysia’s name before independence, and that the Malays formed the majority in the country.

“Even the British recognised Malaysia as the ‘Malay States’ before it achieved independence.

“From a historical perspective, the highest rulers of the land before independence were the Malay kings who were Muslims,” he said.

He was speaking to reporters after a guest appearance on the “In The Special Radar” (Dalam Radar Khas) programme titled “Democracy in Malaysia: Non-Malay Prime Minister” by Bernama Radio24 in collaboration with news portal Wednesday.

The other guests were Higher Education deputy minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah and Keadilan youth movement chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

The issue of a non-Malay Prime Minister was raised by DAP chairman Karpal Singh recently who stressed that for as long as he lived he would continue fighting to ensure a non-Malay holds the post of Prime Minister.

Saifuddin said the issue should never have been raised by Karpal as the opposition leader was also Malay Muslim.

“When the opposition itself chose a Malay as its leader, why bring up the issue of a non-Malay Prime Minister,” he said.

Shamsul Iskandar noted that Malaysia adopted a Constitutional Monarchy and parliamentary democracy with Malays having special privileges compared to the other races in the country.

He concluded that the Malays should not be worried about the veteran member of parliament’s passing remarks.


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Lechmi R says:

Prof Khoo KK once in while came up with provocative statements so that RTM can engage him in TV show like bicara rakyat etc. Every appearance on RTM get some token money.
so Prof K needs some loose change to counter higher cost of livings and sell his soul to stay alive cari makan.

Freddy says:

Prof KKK do not understand chinese language.
So nkkhoo should translate this article by Sin Chew’s 鄭丁賢 for Prof KKK:


Key points:
– 歷史教育不只是回顧過去人物和事件,更不全是灌輸忠黨愛國的政治教育。
– 教育部官員要懂得區分,歷史教育是幫助人們學習思考,政治教育則是灌輸人們一套價值。
– 小學生要學會講理(Reasonable),要傾聽別人的意見;然後,要學習判斷推理(Reasoning)的邏輯,並且根據事實,找出支持自己觀點的理由(Reasons)。
– 大馬沒有倫理教育,只有硬邦邦的歷史課,以及死沉沉的公民課,難怪人民缺乏思考能力,不懂理,也不講理。面對問題,只有簡單的黑和白;面對對手,只有攻擊和謾罵。國民素質墮落至此,只能嘆教育之誤。

Freddy says:

Prof. KKK will get higher pencen for such statement.