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Canon battery pack bought from Lelong is suspicious to be fake

I bought a battery pack as backup set for my Canon camera few months ago, the durability of the pack bought from Lelong website is pathetic compared to original one from Canon dealer.

Lelong battery only lasts for 40 photos when I did outing in Muar city this morning. The original battery can last for 200 photo cycle.

Canon battery pack bought from Lelong is suspicious to be fake!

Stop buy electronic goods from Lelong is my advice if you do not want to be conned by unscrupulous traders in

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Gan says:

if Ministry of Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs is half past 6; then try CAP (Consumer Association of Penang) –> may be they can investigate for you.

Haji Idris says:

want cheap then compromise on quality lah !

Mydin’s 1Malaysia stuff can economically fill up the stomach BUT long term wise not sure the impact of some low standard material on the the health ?

Cheapo handphones may be re-conditioned from 2nd hand products from Japan k=just like the moto-parts. If you are lucky then worth every sen otherwise you will feel kena cheated like nkkhoo.

nkkhoo says:

The trader is selling the battery under Canon original brand. I do not care what is the price, selling fake goods is a criminal offense.

I am sick to report my case to Ministry of Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs because they are sick and corrupt agency.

Jayson says:

When an item is cheaper than the usual market price, you can be sure of compromising on something. Go to KR1M and you will notice that. Perhaps you could ask Mydin to sell batteries under 1Malaysia brand name?

nkkhoo says:

Original battery came with the camera set as a package, no individual pricing for the battery. Unless you go to Canon shop to ask for it, otherwise we are in blur.

I have stopped using Lelong, a shit company who has no interested to block fake goods.

dennis says:

if you ever go to china cities, try to hunt arounf railway stations area. You can find many street peddlars offering all sorts of gadgets majority of which are fake. i personally saw various brands of handphones batteries at Chengdu area.
Unscrupulous vendors (read some at famous IT mall in kl you know who) may resort to such cheap imports to make quick money.
Now you know why some bizmen in malaysia have no trouble bidding for car plates, bcoz easy money easy spend !