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Muar old buildings are disappearing one by one

This is a shocking discovery when I visited Muar yesterday.

These 94-year old four shop houses in front of Chung Hua 1 primary school were demolished recently without considering the historical value of these buildings. These shop houses were used as school compound for first Chinese secondary school in Southern Malaya in 30s.

Muar is losing its historic buildings and charm to such unplanned development.

DAP YB Er Teck Hwa and MCA Chris Lee, please do something and work together with Muar Municipal Council and Rais Yatim’s ministry to identify and preserve Muar old buildings from disappearing forever.

Muar city without old buildings is like a person without soul.

The pace of destruction on pre-war old buildings seem is accelerated after Muar was declared royal town by Johor Sultan. I may write to Sultan Johor for his Majesty to know Royal Town will be a tasteless place with the destruction of old buildings.

See the article in Sin Chew and my photo (uploaded in taken yesterday when I visited Muar during my balik kampung trip.​node/250051?tid=15​09/雜貨出入口商公會/

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Harimau Malaya says:

Are there efforts made to preserve Chung Hwa Primary 1′s old building in the down town of Muar city ?

nkkhoo is doing his part to value the heritage building just like fellow Muarian Namewee in his latest video paying tribute to his old school 中化 in Muar.

nkkhoo says:

Chung Hwa board of director did call a forum to discuss on what to do with Chung Hwa Primary 1’s old building?

I believe the majority Muarians will support the plan to persevere it from demolition.

The old building can be converted to a boutique hotel and a Muar Chinese folklore museum to balance off business and welfare needs.

Ong Goo Kang says:

Why no heritage status for Muar?

Like that surely old buildings will have to make way for new ones.

Baki says:

丝丝街『马哈拉尼上城计划』= 马华党宣传的《有你真好》围裙?