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Chinese communist regime is intervening our domestic politics

First, Chinese ambassador openly said that he like to see no change of government in Malaysia. This is a blatant intervention on how Malaysians choose their government through a democratic election.

Now they hastily loan two pandas to Malaysia right before GE13 by hoping that Malaysian Chinese will support BN government.

The same trick used in Singapore by Chinese communist regime has failed miserably to influence local born kiasu.

Unfair treatment against Chinese Independent school has made many Chinese angry, Najib’s 1Panda will not able to mitigate strong anti-BN sentiment.

PUTRAJAYA: China will loan two pandas to Malaysia as part of a collaboration between the China Wildlife Conservation Association and the Malaysian government, said the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry in a statement.

The pandas, to be on loan for 10 years, mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between both countries in 2014.

Bilateral relations between Malaysia and China started during the tenure of late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak.

The ministry said the close relationship has enabled Malaysia to attract more foreign investment from China to boost the country’s economy further.

The cooperation would enable Malaysia to conduct conservation research on the giant panda, it said.

The ministry added that the presence of the pandas would promote public awareness on panda conservation undertaken by China. This will encourage the public to appreciate and learn the importance of biodiversity and wildlife conservation in Malaysia.

A nationwide contest to name the pandas would be held to spur interest among the Malaysians to learn more about this unique animal.

The pair will be placed in a special exhibit in Taman Wetland, Putrajaya.

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勇华 says:







nkkhoo says:

The pandas are mainly to influence Chinese voters who abandoned BN in GE12 en mass.

BN is buying Chinese mafias for support now.

David says:

Spelling correction on your message header.

1.Come between so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.
2.(of an event or circumstance) Occur as a delay or obstacle to something being done.

小薇 says:


bee says:


Ong Goo Kang says:

Why suddently Chinese Communist preented the 2 pandas to Bolehland?

Chinese Communists are worried that the spirit of Pendatang Chinese in Bolehland in the Bersih movement many inspire the youth of Chinese Communist in the mainland to reignite the ’64’ movement. Obviously Chinese Communists are impressed by the PDRM hard-handed approach and may secure the service of Hisham & Co. to provide lessons on tear-gasing, instead of using tank as in the past mistake.

Baki says:

if you recognise Communist Chinese and their 820 University degrees, then it is about time to allow Chin peng to return to Malaysia to spend his remaining days. What say you Hisham?

GP Lim says:

If Taman Negara is protected why still can get tiger skins, bones & penis etc in the market ? This shows the enforcement not effective. So i suggest a better controlled park without cages for tigers. These tigers still can keep their killing instincts when the park is also home for wild boars etc (may be corrupted convicts can be thrown inside the park). The tigers are tagged and tracked to protect them while they survive in the natural protected zone in this bolehland.
Otherwise, i am sure you can still find tiger soup somewhere in Muar exotic restaurants.

nkkhoo says:

Do you know panda skins also found in China even the penalty for poaching panda is death sentence?

Do you know tiger penis are sourced from legal zoos and tiger parks? This dirty business is very rampant in China under the name of tiger rehabilitation program.

GP Lim says:

7 Natural Panda Nature Reserves in China (no cages)
Wolong Nature Reserve (Chinese: 卧龙自然保护区)
Fengtongzhai Nature Reserve (Chinese: 蜂桶寨自然保护区)
Mt. Siguniang Nature Reserve (Chinese: 四姑娘山自然保护区)
Laba River Nature Reserve (Chinese: 喇叭河自然保护区)
Heishui River Nature Reserve (Chinese: 黑水河自然保护区)
Jintang-Kongyu Nature Reserve (Chinese: 金汤—孔玉自然保护区)
Caopo Nature Reserve (Chinese: 草坡自然保护区)

Is there a natural Tiger Nature Reserves in Malaysia (no hunters allowed) ???

nkkhoo says:

Taman Negara and all national parks are wild animal protected zones. Only orang asli is allowed to hunt deer, wild boar and small animals for food.

Are you Mainland Chinese without such basic knowledge about Malaysia?

David Chua says:

As Anson Wong an orang asli?
Then why he is allow to poach in Malaysian jungle?
You think people in China do not know?
He is the key supplier of malayan tiger penis to China, and they are very thankful that he is acquited to resume his wildlife smuggling trade with the conspiracy theory that he is collaborating with Perhilitan.
nkkhoo may want to check the tigers in Mallaca Zoo, as the tigers could have been ‘potong’ to serve the lucrative cuisine in China…

nkkhoo says:

Do you think so easy to find tigers in the jungle? Anson can bribe Perhilitan, but the jungle is still patrolled by the army.

China has many legal and illegal tiger parks to supply penis to Chinese sex crazy men. NatGeo tracked tiger skins and bones imported to China are from India, not Malaysia.

Kumar says:

The Chinese government is risking the life of the two pandas at Bolehland.
They are likely be killed in captivity as in the case of many Malaysians in police custody, just like Kugan.

Ronnie says:

Panda in Malaysia may not be able to take the steess of BN and would jump from tall building too.

GP Lim says:

animals should be set free in the wild and let humans hunt for them, kill them, and cook them as exotic food ? if you go small alleys in many towns, you get to smell the aroma of exotic animals some say can work even better than tongkat ali. so unless human stop poaching, the safest place is to create a controlled zone where these near extinction animals can breed without fear.

nkkhoo says:

Do you mean your controlled zone is in Putrajaya wetland?

Why not I feed you all days and keep you in a cage for display?

Rajesh says:

cannot care for the survival of our own malayan tigers like prosecuting smugglers or poachers and we want to showcase pandas – what an irony !

so i don’t understand why there are people who shot LGE when he proposed to set up a tiger park in Penang to protect and propagate the dwindling population of the endangered malayan tigers.

for those who are not aware, China set-up protection zone and breeding enclosures for their pandas at wulong szechuan so why can’t we have a protected tiger park in penang ????

nkkhoo says:

Panda kept in the captivity for commercial purpose should be banned worldwide.

I object either panda or tiger park, these animals should be set free in the wild.

Malaysia cannot even breed it own rhinos, how on earth we waste resources to breed pandas from China.

Sam says:

Bolehland name for t’he 2 panda :
Bohsia and Rempit
Lepak and Relek
Perkasa and Jakim

nkkhoo says:

Wang Wang (yellow) and Li Li (green) are perfect name for pandas.

Aidil Yunus says:

If Panda use that Cheena name, then they are pendatang!
Come to Malaysia the pandas must be converted and use only Islmic name!

nkkhoo says:

Pengganas? Suicide bomber? These are the names for pandas?

Hindu and Buddhist first arrived in Malaya, not Islam.

Kumar says:

Try converting Babi first!

Ong Goo Kang says:

Najib’s approval rating will go up because the chinese are excited to see panda in Malaysia. Then they will suffer for another 5 years, and no more independent chinese schools.

Harimau Malaya says:

ai yo yo how can you promote Muar when you are always out of town ?

Harimau Malaya says:

Reported RM20 miilion to maintain & set up a wetland putrajaya home for these 2 pandas.

RM20 million can set up minimum 5 schools; with any cash surplus to purchase soft-toy pandas for every primnary school children.

what say you, nkkhoo ???

nkkhoo says:

The pandas should be kept in Muar to boost up tourism in Muar. 🙂

Gan says:

1Malaysia 2Pandas

Malaysia helps China, China Helps Malaysia

Left hand Pandas to Right Hand Pandas

sounds familiar ???

Baki says:

China is impressed by MCA’s left hand to right hand theory that expanded the concept of “I Help you, You Help Me”?
Next time MCA “吃死熊猫”, as they are tired of “吃死猫”?
Umnoputera will likely name the pandas as:
1) Cumi & Ciki
2) Upin & Ipin
3) Tuah & Jebat
4) Mahathir & Halimah

Ong Goo Kang says:

首相纳吉今天在其中文面子书“阿Jib哥”留意呼吁大家踊跃参与替两只熊猫命名的活动,结果网友建议命名“Bersih dan Lynas”(净选盟和莱纳斯)、“黄黄和绿绿”等,大浇冷水。

网友踊跃提出建议,替两只熊猫命名,除了“Bersih dan Lynas”,网友建议的名字包括“Bersih dan kotor”(干净与肮脏)、“马马花花”、“JibJib和MahMah”、“Rasa and Sayang”、“黄黄和绿绿”、“Lynas & Rapid”等,还有人说“稀土和石化,全世界最毒的熊猫名”。