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Trigger happy Malaysian police is breaking world record in firing tear gas canisters

The number of tear gas shells fired was nearly four times the 262 used in the previous Bersih rally on July 9 last year. REUTERS

No other country in the world has achieved such world record to fire 909 tear gas canisters in a single peaceful demonstration.

I just gave my first witness account statement to Suhakam yesterday on police brutality, please come forward to complain to Suhakam.

Keep silence and complain a lot in kopitiam is not an option.

Police used much more tear gas at recent Bersih rally

KUALA LUMPUR – A total of 909 tear gas canisters and 58 tear gas grenades were used to disperse the tens of thousands who gathered for the April 28 electoral reform rally in Malaysia, the Home Ministry revealed yesterday.

In a written reply to a question by an opposition lawmaker, the ministry said the government had spent RM1.8 million (S$727,000) to police the rally organised by Bersih, a coalition of non-government organisations backed by opposition parties.

The number of tear gas shells fired was nearly four times the 262 used in the previous Bersih rally on July 9 last year, which resulted in condemnation for Putrajaya’s clampdown on the electoral reform movement.

But the ministry insisted that “the police acted according to standard operating procedures to prevent the situation from becoming more violent and threatening public safety”.

“Police had to act swiftly to ensure the situation was under control,” it added.

The government has set up a panel to investigate the April 28 violence, but the choice of former national police chief Hanif Omar has been widely criticised after he said there were communist sympathisers in Bersih. He also accused the organisers of an attempted coup.

The rally saw tens of thousands gather at six different locations in the Kuala Lumpur before heading to the historic Merdeka Square, where a court order had barred the public from gathering. The Malaysian Insider

Downside of legal battle

The ruling Barisan Nasional government is damaging its own reform agenda by taking Bersih leaders to court instead of enacting real electoral reforms that could boost its performance in the next general elections, Time magazine has said. In an article published on Sunday, it said the government’s decision to sue the rally organisers for allegedly causing damages to public property worth RM122,000 (S$49,300) “will only serve to stoke a political pressure cooker, deepen divisions and undercut the legitimacy of the government”.

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Ong Goo Kang says:

Chinese communist is impressed by PDRM’s brutal action agaisnt peaceful demonstrators. The ‘contract’ is for PDRM to provide the consultancy and expertise to Chinese Communist in return of the loan of 2 pandas for 10 years. Hisham happy without knowing that the 2 pandas comes with high costs to BN government who care less as it has been overspent in every budget.

Somewhere in Bukit Kepong, the ghosts of those hero policemen who died fighting Komunis must be wondering why they sacrifice their life in vain as Bolehland is so keen to shake hand with Communist Chinese.

Harimau Malaya says:

“Salt & Bottles” of Bersih 3.0 in KL can overthrow a government according to Nazri Aziz.

In that case, Scorpene submarines must be modified to go to land to counter the “Salt & Bottles”.

nkkhoo, next time you carry a bottle filled with salt in a rally, be extra careful as you are now classified as a danger to the nation !

nkkhoo says:

I will bring a bottle of alkaline water to nullify tear gas acidic effect next time.

Baki says:

Rais Yatim claimed there were only 22,270 protestors during Bersih 3.0. If 967 tear gas canisters and grenades were used against these protestors, the average will work out to be 1 gas canister/grenade for every 23 protestors. This will be a a new world record for police brutality against protestors.

The fact that 4 times the number of tear gas canisters were used as compared to Bersih 2.0 shows that the police were out to “punish” the protestors. Suhakam should delve into this matter deeply.