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The most sucking project in Muar city

All traders and shoplot owners in Jalan Sisi objected the sheltered bazaar. Their business transactions drop from 30 to 50% after the shelters are up.

For instance, Klinik Ong decided to shut down and opted for a permanent retirement after seeing 50% drop in patients.

All beautiful shop houses are blocked out by the shelters.

Somehow UMNO politicians bulldozed the idea through for a so-called Malay Petaling Street in Muar. Even a MCA long-time member told me privately that Muar people should vote DAP to teach UMNO a hard lesson.

The night bazaar should be built at Jalan Othman, the section in front of Post Office.

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nurul says:

Yeah..what a sad project. It was really disappointing knowing this that the beautifully heritage shophouses are now can not be viewed n appreciated. Local authority should be more concern on how to preserve rather than simply develop without considering the value of its is priceless and muar have the chance to become as beautiful as banda hilir one day.

Jamri says:

Soon those Banglas will swamp the area…

Vera says:

For commercial reason better to demolished and rebuild to get better rental. Old wonder houses are infested by White termites!

nkkhoo says:

Old houses in Melaka and Georgetown fetch more rentals.

Rajesh says:

Muar people so proud of that lion dance statue. They are unaware that this is just peanuts leftover after the “master” has swallowed up more while the bottom tiers “left hand to right hand” scrambled for smaller bits leaving the insignificant leftovers to create “The Pride of Muar”.
Stop being so naive !

nkkhoo says:

Muar Chinese Chamber of Commerce is the organizer, not the MCA. 90% funds for lion statue are contributed by Chinese folks.

Go wait your MIC to install Kabadi statue for you. That is a dream in your brain.

Gan says:

amno folks like to “tumpang” on people’s prosperity. people bought shoplots (no bumi discount even); then after payment & oc granted; amno contractors will built shelter along the stretch outside these shoplots (at the expense of tree planting or car park lots) to cater for petty traders. if u question them, they say this is “amno punya kebajikan” no wonder after 54 years no initiative but being exploited by suck you help me i help you “tongkak” culture.

Muar people if still in “slumber” mode; nkkhoo better wake them up to vote wisely and not left to right hand under-table hand$ swapping culture also.

Ong Goo Kang says:

This is quite typical way to provide ‘space’ for malay petty traders (some are driving Lamboghini sports cars) to operate their business as the excuse is they could not afford shoplot (despite MARA & Tekun loan). Failure of NEP or another reason to continue it?

Aidil Yunus says:

This place is malay place, don’t you cabar hak melayu!

nkkhoo says:

I think you should rephrase to “Melayu mencabar Cina” in this case, not Melayu dicabar.

Jayson says:

It is very obvious tht those BN flers are very inward looking, and always like to model everything on KL, in this case the sheltered roof of Petaling Street. You may ask why so much overseas ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ (more like ‘lawatan sambil belanja duit rakyat) trips cannot make them benchmark the best practices of the world in town planning?

Anyway, what is so great of the city planning of KL that they want to forgo the cultural soul of small towns like Muar?

By the way, there is a newspaper report today that the downstream Muar river is heavily polluted and dirty. Another opportunity for ‘satu lagi projek BN’ as excuse to alibaba the tax payer’s money in the name of river rehabilitation?

nkkhoo says:

I made a lot of noise on no sewage treatment plant in industrial estates in Muar and Tangkak. Untreated industrial discharges is the main source of pollutants in Muar River.