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Malay first Muhyddin said there was a social contract while Najib said no such thing on the number of Chinese independence school

Actually I do not care who is liar.

If Muhyddin can approve unlimited number of English language international school, then his so-called social contract on the number of Chinese independence school is just another typical anti-Chinese policy.

English and Chinese both are official language used in the United Nations, why there is different treatment on approval policy?

Malaysia constitution is only social contract accepted by all rakyat, other social contracts are illusions created by Mahathir and his gang.

Since Muhyddin has solicited Chinese new village’s mafia support, he has no worry about losing Chinese supports for his Pagoh constituency.

MCA should pull out from Barisan Nasional if they still have ball to come down to this decision.

Two pandas only make the Chinese kids happy, not we adult Chinese.

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Ong Goo Kang says:

Umno and MCA are doing ‘twist & turn’ on the Chinese independent school issue. Najib did a master stroke to get the pandas to divert the attention of Cina Pendatang. I must applaud Dong Zong to stand up against these liars. Wee Ka Siong is a shame.

華教人士 says: