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A hundred flowers blossoming in MCA

Mao Zedong used to launch a hundred flowers blossoming campaign [百花齊放、百家爭鳴] to identify intellectuals who against the China Communist Party. MCA has learned and mastered the same campaign by providing different answers to a same subject.

Q1: Wee, who was the prime minister in 1957?

Wee: I do not know because my father not yet married my mother.

Q2: Liow, does the Malaysian Education Minister and DPM is a public or private job?

Liow: It sounds like a private job.

Q3: Chua, what is the consequence for a signed contract and an unsigned contract by PM?

Chua: Signed or not signed is not an issue as long the contract is valid.

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峇株贞子 says:



Jess Hong says:


1) 廖中萊允許中間藥商允取暴利,卻衛生部不直接從藥廠獲得廉宜的藥物?

2) 曹智雄反對舉行地方政府選舉?

3) 江作漢管不好機場問題,只懂得專注於WWW15車牌?

4) 黃燕燕的旅遊部竟然花了180萬令吉用在面子書,事實上面子書根本不需要任何成本?

nkkhoo says:

Selangor government outsourced Tourism Facebook and Tweeter updates, PR government may wanted to share how much RM paid to a third party?

MayDay says:

The Southern College in Johor has been accorded university status courtesy of the Higher Education Ministry.

Without the recent pressure from Dong Zong on MCA, do you think this is possible?

Or is it another desperate attempt from BN to get teh votes of Johor Chinese?

Frida says:

Why does MCA need to drag the Chinese schools into the political arena? Is it because MCA knows that there are anti-Chinese racists among Pakatan supporters? If Pakatan stands for unity among diversity there is no need to question ANY SCHOOL for that matter because we are all Malaysians no matter what language, race or religion one has. MCA is so so desperate that they have to drag the poor students and teachers of vernacular schools in order to survive. And why do we have to keep on fighting for the rights that are already enshrined in the Federal Constitution? Aren’t we all Malaysians? Why we are second-class citizens in our own country? Why MCA has to fight? Is it really a fight for 50 over years or just a ploy to dupe us into voting MCA pirates?

Better for MCA to stick to their car license plate issues, or better still … disappear.

Chungying says:

Clearly mca has lost the plot and is seen begging Najib for lifeline to please the chinese in Johor!

勇华 says:


– 华教3缺
– 独中课题
– 和种种华社的问题

Rajesh says:

may be Kong the bidding minister is smarter than csl, wks & ltl ?