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It's a promise before election, you Chinese are communists after election [1999's GE Recall]

UMNO flip-flopping the decision in less than a week after sensing Chinese community is truly angry with the Muhyddin’s status quo statement on the Chinese independent schools.

Wait a moment, you better make sure BN does not win 2/3 majorities, otherwise Mahathir will blame Chinese are communists again who only good to take advantage of GE.

Govt nod for Chinese school

GEORGE TOWN: The Federal Government has agreed in principle to the construction of a Chinese school in Kuantan and is awaiting for a proposal from MCA, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said the proposal must meet existing guidelines.

“Whether the school will be an independent type or not, we will decide when we receive the proposal from MCA,” he said in Bayan Lepas yesterday.

In KUANTAN, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the party would seek an approval for the school from the Govern­ment.

“MCA is very focused on getting this independent school established. We will push for a black-and-white agreement from the Govern­ment,” he said after holding a dialogue with Christian groups here yesterday.

Liow, who is also Pahang MCA chairman, had earlier met with Pahang Dong Lian Hui (Chinese Schools Committees Association) representatives to discuss a working plan for the project.

He said a schedule had been discussed during the closed-door meeting but did not reveal the timeframe for the execution of the project.

On May 20, thousands of supporters turned up at a rally here to push for the setting up of the Chinese independent school. A total of 4,374 signatures were collected during the rally.

On another matter, Liow told the Christian groups that he was against Lynas storing its rare earth processing waste in Malaysia.

“I want to reiterate my stand that Lynas must send its waste abroad,” he said.

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Ray says:

BN resurrects the communist bogeyman once again.
This time accusing DAP to be infiltrated by communist.

Umno thinks malays are stupid and need Umno to protect them from communists?

Or is the PDRM trying to deflect issue of high crime rate that hisham claimed to be a preception issue?

BN is running out of ides by keep recycling old tactics.
Time for Rahman prophecy to come one full circle!

Bala says:

MIC are smart enough to stay away from education issue, knowing that Indians learn from the movies!

nkkhoo says:

90% Indian (except in GE12) supported BN in the past. Indians should blame themselves for such undivided support for MIC and BN in return for a third class citizenship.

Murugan says:

Brother Bala,
We must admit that the chinese community put high prority on education, unlike the Indian community.
How I wish we could have an organization like Dong Zong to fight our our education rights.
My chinese colleague told me that Independent Chinese schools will thrive, as it is a pathway for them to pursue higher education in Taiwan and China (now also recognised by Najib).
I will send my son to Chinese school to learn mandarin, as the language is important in the new economy and the new world order.
No point putting our trust in MIC or Hindraf, they are just barking senselessly with no vision for our Indian community.
No quota system will still deprive many of our good students because of our skin color!

David says:

Chung Hwa High School in Muar 麻坡中化中学 is going to celebrate its 100th year.

Do you have any connection (emotional or school ties) with this school?

nkkhoo says:

None. Whether they are connected or not, most Chinese educated Chinese will donate according to their income to sponsor Chinese and independent schools.

I saw a UMNO crony from my kampung donated RM50,000 to Chung Hwa fund. He was a construction labor when he was a young man. The fate changed after he was connected to Muhyddin.

David Chua says:

Old Kerala Horse is unhappy over the government’s gesture to revive a Chinese independent school in Kuantan, saying the vernacular school system will divide the country. He must have forgotten that he created Matriculation only for one race. Is this not discrimatory and leads to racial disunity?

nkkhoo says:

I think I am willing to give up Chinese school if bumi status is abolished.

David says:

Meanwhile many Malaysian Chinese still pay (or wasted) RM1.20 on weekdays & 1.50 on weekends to seek solace from the comfort words of nkkhoo-trusted The Star to read quotations from PM Najib:

“One of the unique features of the Government is its willingness to develop an education system based on the wishes and aspirations of the people.

“We have decided to leave it to our people to choose the type of education for their children,” Najib stressed, adding that no other country in South East Asia had this kind of policy.

“Values like these are taught in Chinese schools and I assure that Chinese schools will remain and continue to remain as part of our national education system”

David says:

This is ‘hot’ on Facebook circulation:



⋯⋯ 那么,如今重要的是什么?他讲不出。




Jim says:






小薇 says: