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Camera or phone? DSLR camera may be a history in one day like the film camera

iPhone might get SLR like changeable lenses

Nilabh Jha, The Mobile Indian

New Delhi: Nokia changed the mobile camera forever with its 41 megapixel bearing Nokia 808 PureView, and now it seems to the turn of Apple.

Apple has filed a patent that will give iPhone camera a lot of similarity with DSRL cameras in the sense that users will be able to change lens according their requirements.

While not all patents are used to make real world products, but it seems that it is an idea whose time has come, with ever increasing mobile camera capability. And if Apple indeed able to bring changeable lens technology to the iPhone, it will keep its numero uno status in the mobile camera space.

With huge sensors built into the phone already (example Nokia 808), change in lens would make at least point and shoot cameras worthless. The move might also create an entirely new industry of mobile lens similar to what there is today for DSLR lenses.

The Apple’s application asks for a patent for a “back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” and has a diagram reminiscent of an opened iPhone with labeled parts.

The application described the design which will let users change lenses that typically are fixed in the backs of smartphones to act as eyes for cameras.

“It would be desirable to provide a structure for a compact device that allows the end user to reconfigure the optical arrangement of the device while retaining the benefits of assembling the device using a pre-assembled digital imaging subsystem,” said a copy of the patent application available online.

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Rajesh says:

for once nkkhoo admire indian innovation !
wait till Samy Vellu as trade ambassador to India bring in more high tech gadgets to Malaysia !
Bravo Kerala, Bravo Delhi !!!

nkkhoo says:

Ah Pek and you are from same IP.

yonghua says:

Opportunity for nkkhoo to showcase his photographic skills while visiting Penang:

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– Photography Competition

Date: 30th June to 1st July 2012
Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: Teluk Bahang Dam

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The first prize winner will be awarded with RM800, second prize winner will be awarded with RM500 and third prize winner will be awarded with RM300.

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nkkhoo says:

No worth to participate in a competition giving out RM800 for first price.

Sherry says:

Do it for passion, not everything is about money!

nkkhoo says:

I hv never made money from my photography hobby since 1990.

Your photo copyrights will be owned by the organizer regardless you win or not, that is the most stupid thing any photographer should avoid at all cost.

kkk says:

Newbies will like iphone type of camera like what you have shown.

Veteran Pro will like the feel of traditional SLRs.

It’s just like nkkhoo prefers blogging (some say outdated) while newbies have adopted facebook to reach out to the cyberspace readers.

nkkhoo says:

Facebook is not different with blog except Facebook has mass push function to friends and designed for idiots.

I can set up FB like connect function in 5 minute, but decided to opt out.

True pros still stick to analog SLR for certain quality in film photo, not the feel.

nkkhoo says:

The control mechanism for shutter speed, aperture, etc. can be done easily from the touch screen.

Some top pro photographers still stick to film, thus you can single out a tiny group of pro for adopting to new tech gadgets.

Nokia latest phone comes with 41M photo CCD.

kkk says:

pro will still rely on SLR to control white noise, shuttle n aperture etc features not available on mobile phones yet.
very difficult to have all-in-one camera-video-phone-computer just like near impossible to have a rich, compassionate, kind, beautiful (handsome), smart high eq n iq wife (husband).
one to have a perfect gadget may be in heaven or nirvana.