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Adult crocodile was spotted in the mid stream of Muar River

Sin Chew reported the resurgent of crocodiles in the middle stream of Muar River and interviewed a kampong folk who witnessed the crocodile.

An adult crocodile was spotted in the middle stream Muar River near a boat jetty in Gersik.

This is a good and bad news!

The good news is crocodiles make a return after three decades of disappearing from Muar River. While the bad news is the crocodiles pose a danger to the safety of fishermen, anglers and swimmers in the Muar River.

The last known victim to crocodile is 50 or 60 year ago according to my mother.

In fact I have never seen any wild crocodile in Muar River. I only heart its butterflo-like calling loud sound when I was a child.

I warn people not to swim and take bath in the river. Riding a motorboat for prawn fishing is still quite safe, but be advised to go with at least a partner.

How to strive a balance for both crocodile and human survival is a delicate task? I have no solution on how to handle wild crocodiles in Muar River issue.

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alamak says:

Muar can make a celebrity out odf this croc. Create a legendary story and who knows later a croc statue can be erected besides the lion dance statue.
If caught, likely destination of this croc is to go to Melaka Zoo.

nkkhoo says:

Not one, a herb of croc was spotted.