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The sons and daughters of Felda settlers, read this article carefully and inform your parents the fact behind FGV listing.

Felda Listing Game Explained! IPO Price May Drop!!

After spending the last couple of days pouring over the FELDA IPO listing document, we can finally piece together this entire deal and reveal the true secrets that are being with held from the public.

Ok, there is a lot to cover, so lets get right to it

What Actually is Happening

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Sweenie says:

Your EPF money will be used to bail out FGVH?

Better withdraw your EPF in full when you reach 55.

Bala says:

FGV soared 19% upon listing. Durian runtuh as promised by Najib.
Felda folks will surely sell their stakes for quick gain to marry another wife!
No money later umno can bail them out with another ponzu scheme.

Frida says:

nkkhoo’s prediction is well ahead of Wall Street Journal (WSJ)!

In a scathing commentary under its “Heard on the street” column, WSJ highlighted that Felda’s first quarter income has barely budged, growing only 1.8 per cent from last year.

The paper noted that Felda had given flimsy reasons for posting such poor growth, saying it had to pay a higher-than-expected price for crude palm oil.

It pointed out that the palm oil operator was planting new trees because those in its plantations were aging, compared to those of its competitors and therefore resulted in lower yields.

振威 says: