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Pandas are not welcomed by Malaysian Chinese

Najib’s plan to use pandas to buy Chinese votes is a joke and backfire.

The online poll in Sin Chew Daily has indicated 92% Chinese are objecting to bring pandas from China.

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Frida says:

For the Wetland Putrajaya to be a tourist attraction, it must be transformed into a Chengdu, and the people there must adopt Chinese culture and language, so that tourists will visit the pandas.

This is like the small Unesco-protected village in Austria, Hallstatt, that has been recreated, brick for brick, in the subtropical district of Guangdong, China.

MayDay says:

The pandas are likely be named as Al Penda & Al Tang, to satisfy Perkasa.

Szechuan Boy says:

Malaysia has poor maintenance record. I fear for the safety and well being of the pandas if they come to Msia.

Yen Yen in Panda costume can be a clown pulling in foreign visitors to Wetland Putrajaya!