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Robert Kuok in the China TV talk show


He is a gentleman, no badmouthing UMNO government for robbing his sugar business.

He was 87 year last year, but his looked like a 60-year old man, not 87.

His memory and brain is sharper than many of us. He may eat a lot of bird nest to keep young like another Hong Kong tycoon Sir Shaw who is 103 year now.


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David Chua says:

nkkhoo should post more videos from China TV on Malaysian affairs.
I have been to many Iskandar roadshow/exhiition, Robert Kuok was never mentioned.

nkkhoo should also post this excellent video ‘Malaysia needs Change’.

nkkhoo says:

There are several misinformed data in the PR video, so I decided not to post in my blog.

GP Lim says:

Robert Kuok appointed to advisory panel for Iskandar corridor plan BUT we have not seen his significant contribution yet. Once played out forever know where to invest now ?

nkkhoo says:

Do you want to park your money in Malaysia for paying UMNO cronies?

China leaders are grateful for Kuok’s contribution even Deng is not around unlike UMNO politicians.