Price Hike >>>

International sugar price drops, but subsidy for sugar increases...where the money go?

RM 198 million allocated in the budget for sugar subsidy is still not enough, an additional RM 367 million is needed when the sugar raw material price drops.

How many times the domestic sugar price are adjusted upward after UMNO crony robbed the business from Robert Kuok?

At least three times if I’m not mistaken.

If this is not a pirate, then what name you can give to UMNO-led BN government?


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Aris says:

Let’s hope Robert could provide alternative products to those offered by Umno cronies.

nkkhoo says:

Sugar business is monopolized by Syed Mokhtar, nothing you can do except there is new government after GE13.

Robert Kuok’s business empire in China earns him USD10 billion a year.

Harimau Malaya says:

Massmo bread of RM2.40 on offer at RM2 at certain small towns in peninsular no wonder even more appealing to the cost conscious supporting public.
if Massimo has yet to arrive at muar, call the distribution chain.
we want massimo to protest against unfair “dominasi kroni”.
Morning have Hainan type bread with butter n kopi-o, lunch & dinner with Massimo !

Hari2mau says:

Talk about bread in Malaysia well I think there was ‘politicking’in this bread industry. At one time roti ‘Sunshine’ was the household name until,’80s. I was told somebody sabotage the product until dead. That was the time Roti Gardenia going all out in the Malaysian market.For sometime Gardenia enjoying the big market share throughout Malaysia. Then,just like history repeat again. At most of the time Gardenia purchased flour from Robert Kuok’s Company. All of a sudden Gardenia stop buying flour from R.Kuok. This is a tragedy to Robert Kuok.Finally Robert Kuok got an idea, why not another bread product in Malaysia in order to fill the big gap caused by Gardenia cancelling purchase of flour from his company. This is how Massimo came out in Malaysia recently. It was said the product is much better than the rival. Anyway the distribution of this product is still limited to urban area only.

Joe says:

Let’s support the new Massimo bread by Johor son Robert Kuok and boycott Gardenia bread owned by Umno crony, Syed Mokhtar Albukhary’s Tradewind group.

Frida says:

Thanks for the info.
I will not buy Gardenia again!

MayDay says:

Money is needed to run the ‘Jelajah Janji Ditepati’ ala Jom-Heboh carnival roadshow!

GP Lim says:

Massimo caused Gardenia bread revenue to drop by 40% according to a reliable source.
The point is we need healthy competition to benefit the people at large.
Without AirAsia, can the rakyat fly affordabily with just MAS ?
With internet TV mushrooming fast, Astro soon to lose more subscribers and able to listen for better priced packages ?
With McD or Burger King’s chicken menu, our K(epong) Fried Chicken got to offer better deal chickens and vice versa ?
With, The Star gets a serious contender for readership ?
So healthy competition (with merit) must be practised in malaysia. BUT do you think UMNO/MCA want present monopoly to be callenged ???

nkkhoo says:

Malaysiakini applied for a press license and was rejected. Malaysiakini will hit at least 200,000 copies if BN pirate allows MK in circulation.

GP Lim says:

that’s why Robert Kwok don’t believe in the business ethics practised by belehland bogeymen at putrajaya.
luckily Robert contributed good value Massimo bread for Malaysians; forcing Gardenia to buck up and reduce their prices accordingly.

Have you tried Massimo bread ??? Highly recommended.

nkkhoo says:

I tried Massimo once, I liked it. But my favorite bread is Hainan white soft bread I consumed since my childhood days.

MayDay says:

How can sugar be cheap when Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary has accumulated RM34.5 billion of debt? He is being used by UMNO to acquire companies to meet a specific agenda which we all know about. This was Old horse agenda to fill the pockets of his cronies, simply because money was not a problem. They just took and took from EPF, PETRONAS, BANKS and where ever they could and guess what, they don’t have to pay back! In short we are doomed and you know why. God bless us all.