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WD Hard disk is very suck...already returned two hard disks due to bad sectors

WD new hard disk is worst than 3-year old hard disk, there was bad sector issue every day and Windows XP stopped working if a few critical files corrupted. Have reinstalled Windows XP three times for last three days. I suspect WD new hard disk media is reconditioned or rework unit.

The computer shop [PC Zone] exchanged another WD harddisk for me without question ask today [30 June 2012] after I told them media bad sectors problem.

The second WD hard disk also showing bad sectors after less than 24 hour of testing. Returned second hard disk on 11 July, 2012.

Third new WD hard disk also found with bad sectors during hard disk cloning process. Will ask for full refund after the third return, enough is enough.

My three years old WD Sata harddisk was low level reformatted for five times, and the frequency to encounter bad sector is too much too bear. I have to reformat and reinstall harddisk in weekly basis lately and the cycle time can be from 6 -8 hour long. Thus I decided to buy a new WD harddisk to replace aging one.

I remembered harddisk price was shooting to sky high after Thailand flooding, 500G harddisk price had gone up to RM380-400 in one time.

500G WD harddisk price is RM200 as at today, still a bit higher than before Thailand flooding.

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Manja says:

Western Digital ada program 6-Sigma: 4 units reject dalam 1 million. Nampaknya nkkhoo cukup malang dapat unit yang yang bermutu dan mudah rosak dari WD. Lain kali usah beli dari, mungkin boleh dapat evaluation unit yang telah lama menjalani stress test di kilang!

nkkhoo says:

I am a six sigma pioneer in Malaysia since early 90s.

Do you believe WD manufacturing process is reaching six sigma level? Only automated process can achieve 3.4 PPM.

PC Zone is in Low Yat Plaza, not in

Manja says:

Hairan kenapa anda yang begitu cerdik (ikut tafsiran anda sendiri), PAP tak bagi you citizenship, atau sekurang-kurangnya PR?

nkkhoo says:

I am not Ng Yen Yen, talk and do is same for me.

Murugan says:

PAP do not want troublemakers, however smart you can be.

fong says:

i envy you because i was at Seagate Penang not Spore.
your cpf sure beh tahan with S$1 now commands RM2.51 !

nkkhoo says:

No, I came back to Malaysia after a short period. It was quite fun to work in Penang in 90s as pioneer to set up new factory for MNC. Although the pay is lower, but self-pride is more important for me. Singaporeans have to come to learn from us was the moment I liked.

Malaysian is still the second class worker in Singapore unless you choose to take up Singapore citizenship.

fong says:

i was with seagate in the 90s. which year you worked in Seagate ?
you sound familiar to me.

nkkhoo says:

I was with Seagate Singapore first. Most people in hard disk companies are knowing each other [does not mean you know them personally] because they are hopping in a few companies only.

The present WD Malaysia CEO is from Applied Magnetics.

concerned citizen says:

In Windows Xp, there is a one error known as 1000007e, which arrives when operating system become inaccessible to read file which is located at particular location .There may be some reason which stops operating system to find out file such as corrupt or damaged file, virus infection and passing invalid instruction by CPU to find out file present at specific location.

Reason for 1000007e error:
Memory of hard drive have not enough space to run Operating system
Installing Windows operating system in old version of BIOS
Overheating of CPU
How to fix 1000007e error :
Increase the memory of hard disk
Update the BIOS
Repair the corrupt file with anti-virus software
Conclusion: The 1000007e error in Widows Xp can be solved easily by applying above methods .In some cases ,if the above solution is mishandled without any care then there is a probability of data loss from hard drive which can be recovered from data recovery software.

nkkhoo says:

Was Engineer for Seagate, Quantum, Applied Magnetics and Read-Rite, I built more hard disks than you can imagine and know what is bad sector problem.

I bought WD hard disk to replace old WD hard disk is because my backup file was created with WD Arcronis, not because I like WD.

丘丘 says:


nkkhoo says:

Second hand hard disk? Such a brainless question from another Chinese educated person.

concerned citizen says:

beta version is approved by microsoft to evaluate its effectiveness before official launch. pls know the fact otherwise you can misinform many readers.

nkkhoo says:

what beta version hard disk?

My XP is 8 year old, and you still talking about beta. What the joke?

danny says:

br Q3 Windows 8 should be available. Go to Holiday Plaza JB for beta trial software. Do not depend too much on XP as Microsoft has stopped newer upgrades.

Let s know if you like the beta trial version of Windows 8.

nkkhoo says:

I am not prefer to use beta and illegal version.

XP is still supported till next year.

Muar Chee says:

brother, go for flash memory. hard disk crashed easily like when get hit. unless u have many big files to store, go for many 32GB thumbdrives which more reliable.

nkkhoo says:

Thumbdrive is not suitable and slow for Windows OS installation.

SSD may be a better choice, but the price is few times more expensive than harddisk.

Corsair 60G SSD is priced at RM 379. This is minimum requirement to have a smooth OS for my case. My XP also does not support SSD.