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An open letter with a few simple questions to TAR College students

Q1: Do you think MCA was doing right job to build TAR College and UTAR for Chinese students?

If you think YES, please wear red shirt to welcome PM Najib.

Q2: Do you think it’s a right government policy to reject you from the public universities?

If you think YES, please wear red shirt to welcome PM Najib.

Q3: Do you think your parents should pay double taxations, one for public universities in the form of income and sale taxes, and another one for TAR college (in the form of your tuition fees).

If you think YES, please wear red shirt to welcome PM Najib.

TAR College students, let blame yourselves for your willingness and stupidity to be treated as second class citizens under the MCA leadership.

TAR College and UTAR should not exist at all if all Malaysians are treated equally and fairly for a seat in our public universities paid with taxpayers’ money.

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Mac Davis says:

Many people have the wrong impression that MCA’s UTAR is a charitable organisation set up to help the Chinese. In fact if you examine MCA’s annual report, you will see that UTAR is one of the best profit-making ventures for MCA.


nkkhoo says:

LKY’s is good in whining like his son.

What his solutions from DAP if PR wins the election?

Mac Davis says:

Clearly there are people still rooting for CSL & son.

tunglang says:

Cannot understand why Chua SL continue to find fault with Dong Zong. Without Dong Zong’spressure, do you think Najib can accede to the chinese community request for Kuantan Independent school, or the recognition of Southern college?

Perhaps MCA is trying to create excuse for its demise after PRU13? Bookies already bet that MCA cannot win more than 10 seats.

Ray says:

Even if you score 4As in STPM, you will not get to study medicine in local university because of the kulitfiction quota.

The entry criteria at UM is higher than NUS?

Another case here:

nkkhoo says:

I believe 50% Chinese students will score 4A in Matrikulasi if UMNO opens the racial college for non-bumi.

Ron says:

Usually Chinese do not get the courses of their choice despite good results. So better opt for NUS or NTU.

ariel says:

we ka siong sang these 张学友 songs to Muhyidden on the approval of kuantan independent school:
1) 等你等到我心痛
2) 我等到花儿也谢了

ariel says:




丘丘 says:




华龙仔 says:



留台同学 says:


華教契約言論被馬華領袖扭曲,毫無理性的評論並沒有解決華教當前的許多重大課題,如師資問題、契約問題及華小問題等. 华教风波也更加沸扬地闹开了。马华懂得怎么做 ???

Freddy says:

I got this Facebook comment which is quite appropriate to reflect the sentiments of many on this issue:


SriGading Hangman says:

Ah Jib Kor’s inspirations ? Can those dummies list those inspirations ? Could it be these students inspire by u help me i help u mentality ?

Muar Chee says:

Rahman graduates fallen into Jib’s trap just want to get their diplomas recognised in bolehland not aware that their academic excellence long appreciated in Taiwan & Spore.
Leong Sick failed and now such cheap effort to win back Chinese votes ? Dream On…

Aris says:

Too late for BN. TAR college is the breeding ground for future Singapore PRs.

nkkhoo says:

USM Chinese graduate from my village also go to Singapore.

Frida says:

Perkasa is happy for that this to happen, because it reduce competition for their kind to survive.

Sherry says:

MCA is meeting it’s dead end in the next GE!

Nick says:


Harun says:

The chinese are stupid to be manipulated by Umno.
Thanks to MCA!

nkkhoo says:

60-70% Malays behind BN while less than 30% Chinese support BN.

Use your brain to draw conclusion based on fact, not the perception.

Bala says:

mCA conned the Chinese with its education card!

nkkhoo says:

MCA is still better than MIC in this aspect.

Muriany says:

Are you doubting the ability of Kalanathan vs Wee Ka Siong?
A snake knows how to lie low & only struck when the opportunity come.
Unfortunately Wee Ka Siong shot his own foot many times trying to defend DPM and made Dong Zong the winner in the eyes of the Chinese community!

nkkhoo says:

With Malay votes, MCA politikus will win in any Malay-majority constituency in Johor.

Frida says:

I suppose you cannot read chinese newspapers, otherwise you will read about MCA-Dong Zong spat on chinese education which is not covered by The Star/NST. Many English educated chinese did not appreciate chinese language and failed to realise the growing importance of the language in global commerce. Recently an Utusan editorial urged unemployed malay graduates to master a new language – all kinds of languages were mentioned, but not Chinese language. Very tunnel vision indeed.

nkkhoo says:

There are 40 million foreigners are learning Chinese language actively. Those people hate Chinese language will pay for the price.

Nowadays, 8% students in Chinese primary schools are bumi, mostly Malays. Their parents have farsighted vision to send their children to Chinese schools.

Chungying says:

Nkkhoo should have the balls to ask the questions to MCA.
Cannot understand why he vent his frustration on those useless red shirt students.

nkkhoo says:

Unless your English and Chinese are so bad until you cannot read my postings.

You have typical DAP machai mindset with blinded eye to see your own paramount leaders.

Chungying says:

Stupid students putting banner “I love ah jib kor”.
Ah jib only come to you before election.
Why did he take so long to recognise you, even ahead of china degrees?
Wear red is really shameful to chinese community on such occasion!

Frida says:

From what I have learnt from my neighbour who has a son studying in TAR Kolej, the (innocent but cheapskate) students are picked to show support to Ah Jib Kor with a free red t-shirt. Clearly they have responded to ‘You Help Me, I Help You’ for the free t-shirt.

Those students interviewed on 8TV and NTV7 chinese news segment are specially chosen for their undying support for MCA to sing praise of Najib i.e. ‘so good to see him in person’. Obviosly they are preparing to jumpstart a career in MCA, and being used by MCA as a pawn to fool TV audience.

nkkhoo says:

Many TAR college students are grateful to MCA for the opportunity to study in the college and university. They have never thought who is responsible for their second class citizenship and double taxation burdened on their parents.

This is another good example of brainless education in Bodohland.