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Let Change Buletin Mutiara to Bulletin Lim's Dynasty

DAP has too much sycophant culture, every Machai in DAP has no shame to boast LGE and his family to a semi-God status.

Next time you will see this kind of slogan from DAP machai like “LGE…Long live for 10,000 year!”

Bulletin draws flak for having too much of Guan Eng

GEORGE TOWN: The latest edition of Buletin Mutiara, the official newsletter of the Penang Government, has drawn flak in cyberspace for having too much of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his family.

Blogger Helen Ang counted 51 pictures of Guan Eng, his wife Betty Chew and father Kit Siang in the May edition of the bulletin.

She also gave a breakdown on the number of the chief minister’s pictures on each page and the number of pictures of Pakatan Rakyat-elected representatives.

A posting in labelled Guan Eng as a “publicity freak”.

A check by The Star showed the 28-page bulletin, which is distributed free to many households in the state, has an average of three pictures of Guan Eng on each page.

In one page in the Chinese section, there are seven photos of the chief minister carrying babies under the state government’s Golden Child programme.

State Gerakan Youth vice-chairman H’ng Khoon Leng poked fun at Buletin Mutiara in his Facebook, saying it is a DAP propaganda newsletter.

“While I applaud the efforts to have a newsletter, the bulletin should carry more substantial news on development in Penang,” he said.

Both Guan Eng and bulletin editor Yap Lee Ying declined to comment.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Muar Chee says:

we at Muar so wish to have a charismatic leader like YB Lim Guan Eng. he surely can move the lazy council folks in muar to make it a city that moves forward with time.
many Muar leader are boh hoot patronizing the “ketua bahagian”. can learn from Melaka rejecting that small sum from Ali Rustam to hold Chinese Cultural Festival and fund the event themselves.
I went to penang and i witness Guan Eng’s accomplishment who dare to stand up against false reporting.

Aris says:

Speaking of Melaka, do you know that those old buses were moved away from the bus station during recent Najib’s visit to show only nice things to Jibby? Rustam is really creative, that’s why he can continue to fool teh rakyat.

Chungying says:

Another example nkkhoo echoing NST and The Star biased reporting.

Why you do not cry foul when you see Jibby images everywhere?

Penangites are proud of their leader as much as Johor chinese love for their porn star leader.

nkkhoo says:

You imply DAP should follow UMNO in worshiping their leaders like semi-God? This is another stupid argument comes out from DAP machai.

When the MCA has won more than 50% Johor Chinese votes in the past? Show me data to prove your nonsense point.

Chungying says:

No solid data to prove because there are many phantoms. cSL is still loved by Johor aunties, this is true.

nkkhoo says:

Those below 50 will reject MCA outright. MCA and UMNO bought over Chinese mafias with money and “license” to run 4D, brothel, drug and loan shark businesses.

A mafia gang leader (a friend from my neighbor) who refused to be involved in illegal businesses passed away several years ago. A local MCA leader took over his position and turned the mafia gang to MCA machai.

Chungying says:

And pdrm benefited in the process for the duit kopi.

The illegal dvd trade in Johor is controlled by mca triad.
Just go to Holiday Plaza in JB to see for yourself.

Harun says:

Obviosly nkkhoo miss the point.

nkkhoo says:

PR will be another BN if they are in power for 50 year unchallenged.

No party should run a government for too long.

Bala says:

Nkkhoo is a follower of website hosted by umno cybertrooper!.

nkkhoo says:

As I said, a right person should read news and info from all sides. Boycott and reject to read pro-UMNO blogs is like closing one eye.

Bala says:

LGE has done a marvelous job for Penang. He deserves the accolades.
Only sore supporters of Gerakan and MCA are jealous!

nkkhoo says:

What the master plan with implementation from LGE for last four years? None.

He is lucky to inherent world heritage city status for Georgetown from previous government.

Sherry says:

Sore loser!

nkkhoo says:

Then i see many sore losers in criticizing and suing Utusan.

An empty tank makes a lot of noise. This is real LGE who make use of propaganda and his personal charisma to win votes from those people who are lazy to think.

Aris says:

No need masterplan like Idris Jala to bullshit to people.
Just simple CAT and rakyat will appreciate there is no leakage of public fund.that’s the trump card of LGE. If you follow MCA for too long then sorry for you to adopt Umno’s thinking and mentality.

nkkhoo says:

Kancil car park is a corruption case under LGE’s nose.

nkkhoo says:

Najib needs clean government while LGE needs execution prowess.

Frida says:

Malaysian Chinese generally accept LGE because they are simply tired of following strings of sub-standard ‘Chinese leaders’ past & present:

1) Tan Koon Swan – CBT
2) Ling Liong Sick – PKFZ scandal & blackbox contract
3) Chan Kong Choy – PKFZ fiasco
4) Ong Ka Ting -lifelong learning of kowtowing to Umno
5) Chua Soiled Leg – Hotel sexcapade on VCD, left-to-right hand theory.
6) Liar Tiong Lai – lying about tear gas on Tung Shin hospital, WWW15 fiasco
7) Kong Chor Ha – Car plate specialist
8) Chor Chee Heung – tong sampah specialist
9) Wee Ka Siong – think he is bigger than Dong Zong
10) Ng Yen Yen – Curi-curi Pempena mismgmt & Chelsea Awana fiasco
11) Donald Lim – the face tells all!
12) Koh Tsu Koon – no balls durian

nkkhoo says:

Basically LGE is less evil than MCA politicians, not because he is a great leader.

Muriany says:

Agreed with you my brother. Indian community are happy that LGE enabled kampung buah pala folks to own new homes. That’s the difference from Gerakan regime.

nkkhoo says:

Talk my word, 70% Indian will support BN in GE13. You are in the 30% minority group.

LGE has the opportunity to cancel the sale agreement for Kampung Buah Pala, but he chose to play out poor Indians instead of loggerhead against Malay high ranking public servants.