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Muar tourism promotion on track, but the initiative not from the local government

There are several parties from private sectors, schools, universities and individuals are doing their duty to promote Muar as a new destiny for tourism.

MCA Bentayan Committee – Published Muar City Map and Muar Discovery brochure. Also organized cultural and sport events.

Muar Photography Society – Published Muar pictorial travel guide.

Malaysia Tourism Ministry – Organized Muar food trail festival .

MU and NUS – Conducted architectural study on Muar old buildings and published a book on the research works.

Chung Hwa High School – Published Muar eco-tourism map and organized Muar old building models exhibition.

Gourmet writer, Lim Kim Cherng published a Chinese book on Muar hawker food. – Designed and hosted a bilingual tourism portal for Muar at

Unfortunately, DAP Muar, Muar Municipal Council and Johor State Tourism Board all are providing lip service.

Johor Sultan was quite upset with Johor state executive for not promoting tourism in Johor effectively.

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Ronny says:

I think if Yen Yen employ these Muar folks to work in Pempena, the Tourism Malaysia subsidiary would not have lost its RM50 million assets to be deeply in RM16 million debt now.

Shame on you, Yen Yen!

nkkhoo says:

The budget for Muar tourism is mostly from private themselves except RM200,000 for MCA’s Chris, the local government is doing more harms than good in promotion

danny says:

Rais Yatim can help Muar by approving more $ to develop Bkt Kepong to remind people not to join Communist movements.

nkkhoo says:

Mat Sabu is the one should be complimented for helping secure funds for Bukit Kepong museum. It was an empty shell before Mat Sabu’s made it an issue.

SriGading Hangman says:

Muar should preserve its own charm and not succumb to KL-like development.

Those who pollute Muar with crazy unplanned development ought to be hung ???

nkkhoo says:

I have listed down 10 complaints concerning Muar development and cleanliness.

boyle says:

many creative and smart muar people like nkkhoo left the town so how can we folks expect well-balanced development in muar ???

nkkhoo says:

Muar is number one in many sectors like furniture, horticulture and mushroom.

Aris says:

Since Muar is the stronghold of MCA, we should let MCA do it to justify its existence.

nkkhoo says:

Are u telling rakyat that DAP MP in Muar is sleeping?

Muriany says:

Save your resources for something more important, that’s the right strategy.
Muar people should have taken financial support from yen Yen Cuti Cuti budget before it became Curi Curi!