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Multi-purpose pondok in Laman Maharani

The architect hired by Muar Municipal Council must be brainless to design such four sides covered “pondok” in Maharani Square.

The “pondok” is misused for other unintended purposes than its relax and rest normal usage.

– As a public toilet for uncivilized patrons.

– As a fxxx house for immoral couples.

– As a bed for homeless people.

The thick columns or walls should be removed and replaced with small steel bars. A new structure may be needed if structure re-modification is deemed unsafe.

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Nick says:


danny says:

such pondok very common in Msia town besides helping class f contractor with the construction it also serve as shelter for beggars or homeless people to tell the world that msia has a lot of poor people wandering around in the towns.

Frida says:

Satu lagi project BN? Such useless structures are quite common all over Bolehland, to create job/cotract for Class Z Umno kroni/kontraktor?

Put steel bars? Sure kena hacked away and stolen – just like those metal designer barriers/metal flora decor along JB’s Jln Skudai.