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Do you know you can retrieve Gmail message after press SEND if you set the withholding time?

Sometimes we may send out wrong, inappropriate and unthoughtful messages to your life partners, business partners, friends, boss and colleagues by mistake or impulse reaction.

You will regret forever for unable to stop such email message you have just pressed SEND button.

By using undo send feature under the Lab category, you can set undo send period up to 30 second in the mail server before the message is sending out. You can delete the message within the undo period after your head is cooling off or realize the stupid human error.

Go to Gmail setting, find the Lab button and enable undo send feature accordingly. After you enable it, then you can set the undo timing up to 30 second.

This undo send feature should be added to all company’s email systems.

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Freddy says:

I think Najib must be wishing that he has such feature to ‘undo’ the wrong-doings of Umno in the last 50 years!

Manja says:

Patutlah Si Najib banyak kali pergi tanah suci untuk minta ampun dari Allah?