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Lim Guan Eng's monkey show

Either you change your mindset to open and transparent or follow old dogma set by BN.

Lim Guan Eng is still the follower for old dogma practiced by BN.

If he is serious and preach on what he say on CAT, he should instruct MPPP to upload such declassified documents to internet for all people to access freely.

DAP condemned BN who only allow PLUS contracts to be accessed by limited person in limited time. Yet they are doing exact thing when they are in power like BN.

What can you read in 2.4 minute per housing project?

LGE is doing a small trick by filling an old bottle with new wine and some Penang voters are so delight with his slightly better than BN policy.

Penang govt under fire over terms to study hill projects’ papers


GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Government’s decision to impose conditions for the public viewing of documents relating to hill land development on the island has come under criticism.

Penang Gerakan local government bureau head Teh Leong Meng said those wanting to view the documents were required to make an appointment as well as submit their particulars, such as their names, contact and MyKad numbers and address.

Other conditions are that only two groups of a maximum of five people each will be allowed into the state government’s office in Komtar to view the documents at any one time.

They will only have 90 minutes to view the documents for 38 projects.

“Why are there so many restrictions? It will only deter people from going to view the documents. If the state is sincere and serious in declassifying the documents, it should give the public a free hand to study the documents,” Teh said.

He said the bureau had received complaints from the public regarding the conditions, adding that it had also verified the matter with the state government.

“We want to make a proposal to improve it,” he said at the Gerakan headquarters in Jalan Macalister here yesterday.

It was reported on Thursday that the public could view the documents for two weeks starting tomorrow.

State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow had said that all the relevant documents on projects involving development above 83m, from 2006 onwards, would be declassified.

Massive hill land development, particularly on the northeastern coast of the island, had recently come under fire from environmental and residential groups.

Chow said conditions such as asking for personal particulars were basic procedures.

“Even when I go to any office, I have to give my MyKad number. Focus on the big issue instead of the petty ones.”

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KKK says:

by calling people’s father is not civilised either.
from the grapevine, those who know you will say you can achieve more if you can control your inner demon anger.
stay cool always otherwise you can easily fall into life trap.

nkkhoo says:

Being a sycophant is not my culture. Do you think label me as MCA hired trooper is more civilized?

Do you think to call anyone who dare to criticize LGE’s policy as same stock like Perkasa is a civilized way of debating?

I fight till last blood if I believe what I said is a truth.

danny says:

JOSEPHINE JALLEH is the Star paper reporter (also one of the 500 BN cybertroopers for this election).
NKKHOO quoting MCA-controlled media so he himself could be hired by MCA (may be Taiping MP offer is not attractive?) to blast Guan Eng just like those angry mamaks so infamous now ???
Guan Eng being Batu Pahat born may one day return to Johor constituencies ?
We are awaiting more NKKHOO’s happy trigger blastings ahead.

nkkhoo says:

Suggest you make a patung to pray your untouchable LGE like Tua Pek Kong.

Such a stupid argument by labeling Star is a complete junk. Ur father seemed never taught u to differentiate fact reporting and opinion in any media.

Shall I believe Buletin Mutiara with 51 photos about Lim dynasty in an issue alone?

Why communists can control China? Because most Chinese are brainless ppl to pray their leaders like semi-God.

The Chinese leaders also think they are indeed semi-God who make no mistake.