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Lenggong Perak is a new world heritage site

First, congratulation to BN government for making Lenggong Vally in Perak, a new world heritage site in 2012.

Archaelogical Heritage of the Lenggong Valley (Malaysia):

Situated in the lush Lenggon Valley, the property includes four archaeological sites in two clusters which span close to two million years, one of the longest records of early man in a single locality, and the oldest outside the African continent. It features open-air and cave sites with Palaeolithic tool workshops, evidence of early technology. The number of sites found in the relatively contained area, suggests the presence of a relatively large, semi-sedentary population with cultural remains from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Metal ages.

Anyway, the submission for Lenggong Valley seemed is a BN political motivated stunt to win back the heart of Perakians.

Why Bujang Valley in Kedah is totally forgotten?

How about abandoned tin mining site in Lembing Pahang? A mining site in Belgium was listed as a new world heritage site.

How about Pudu Jail in KL?

How about Taman Negara which was submitted in 2004 to Unesco for listing?

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Manja says:

Rais dah lupa Lembah Bujang di Kedah juaga satu tempat tamadaun awal, boleh dijadikan tempat menarik pelancung seperti Angkor Wat dan Borobudur!