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Do you want to have this kind of PR Councillor?

No idiot will support illegal structure extension for any reason.

This PR Councillor did support illegal extension by saying the shop owner already spent a lot of money on it.

I should ask his neighbor to build an extension to his house and ask the same Councillor to legalize the structure because the neighbor has spent a lot of money.

This Councillor may be bribed for him to support the illegal extension.

MACC should investigate on this DAP Councillor.

Two restaurants occupying road reserves in PJ will not be granted TOL


RESTAURANTS with illegal extensions that encroach onto road reserves in Petaling Jaya New Town will not be given Temporary Occupational Licence (TOL).

Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman said the road reserve was for public use.

“We cannnot have structures built on the road reserve.

“This reduces parking space for motorists, aside from obstructing traffic.

“The consensus reached during the Infrastructure and Traffic Sub-committee meeting held in April to give two restaurants TOL and allow extensions, has been frozen until the matter is clarified,” he said.

He added that he was not aware of the decision reached as he was not at the sub-committee meeting.

It was learnt that in April, the committee had decided to allow two restaurants — one in Jalan Tengah and the other in Jalan 52/10 which had encroached onto the road reserve to be given TOL.

A senior council staff with MBPJ Engineering Department said plans to demolish the extensions and create parking bays for motorists and motorcyclists had been deferred at the meeting, in favour of the restaurants.

Councillor Chan Chee Kong, who sits in the committee, had earlier said the restaurants had spent a lot of money on the renovations.

“We want to let the restaurants operate on the road reserve and we are trying to find ways to help them apply for TOL.

“This way, the council can get some revenue. It is also part of our PJ Walk vision,” he added.

PJ Walk is a pedestrian weekend bazaar within the vicinity of Menara PJ.

The bazaar will be a platform for small business owners to sell their goods.

Several motorcyclists who are aware of the situation said it was annoying that they could not find parking space at the road reserve.

“The restaurants have encroached onto the road reserve and this is not right. It is a selfish act.

“We are not against the restaurants or councillors but PJ Walk involves the area around Menara PJ and not the lanes near Jalan Tengah or Jalan Lapangan Merdeka,” said despatch clerk Sazali Ramli, 35.

Engineer Chan Chee Wah, 48, whose office is located in the area, said if the council gave TOL to the restaurants, it would be setting a precedent and other restaurants would follow suit.

He said most road reserves thenwould be closed to motorists.

“Why the special treatment? What is so special about the two restaurants that councillors allowed the illegal extensions?” he questioned.

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