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Chua: I have courage, you don’t???? You are caught pant-down, not you have courage

Whether Lim Guan Eng has intimate relationship with his former female staff  need to be substantiated with hard evidence.

Hearsay is internet is no more than gossip in the kopitiam.

Whereas Chua Soi Lek inserted his cock into the mouth and vagina of a young lady was taped and released for public viewing.

He has no choice but to admit his guilt, not he has courage to admit his crime. [An oral sex is still a crime in Malaysia under the law].


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shirley says:

BN folks have all the courage to commit all kinds of sins because of abuse of power is not punished by the law they created, and the PDRM, MACC etc are their co-horts or partners in crime.

We do not need such ‘courage’ in our leaders.
BN has no fear that they are bringing us to the fate of Greece!

bolabola says:

CSL’s video circulation stopped by polis.
if anwar or LGE then you can get them free at your mailbox.
Anyway, CSL reported to have many many more to show his manhood.
Pasar Malam video pirates are not brave to sell CSL videos because of Mafia control ??????

nkkhoo says:

The Chinese mafias in Johor cohort with MCA is an open secret. The mafia bosses have no shy to show their photos with Muhyddin and Abdul Ghani in the Chinese newspapers.

Manja says:

” Chua Soi Lek inserted his cock into the mouth and vagina of a young lady”.

nkkhoo janganlah terlampau explicit!

nkkhoo says:

There is video to show you the porn show starred by Chua Soi Lek.

Manja says:

Mana boleh saya dapat video itu?
Saya nak tengok sendiri kehebatan CSL di ranjang!

nkkhoo says:

Ask Chua to make a live show.

Ronny says:

I think this son of a Gan is an undercover double agent for PR, that’s why he keeps making the chinese voters angry and make them not to vote BN.and I believed he did it for free.

Keep it up, you son of a Gan!!!

Lastly, MCA is now UMCA (UMNO MCA),using sex and sleazy stories as weapons of mass destruction, which eventually destroy themselves, hahaha.

Manja says:

MCA dah hilang sokongan dari masyarakat Cina.
Ini adalah satu hakikat yang CSL tak nak terima.
Sekarang MCA pula ikut cara Umno dengan tektik kotor dan mendagangkan cerita seks yang tak benar.
CSL seharusnya menasihat Si Gan (Adun Melaka) supaya cara kotor ini memberi peringatan kepada masyarakat Cina yang CSL sendiri tak bermaruah dan menipu ahli keluarga sendiri.
Selepas belajar korapsi/rasuah dari Umno (kes PKFZ), malangnya MCA terus tak insaf dan ikut cara Umno untuk membuat perbohongan dengan tektik seks.
CSL sememangnya ada banyak ‘courage’ untuk menjahanamkan nama baik masyarakat Cina dengan amalan sonsang!

ethan says:

not a young lady but a younger (re;ative to CSL’s age) lady more appropriate.
young lady sounds like an under-aged girl and the offence is even more.

inserted c*** – a less crude choice of word is penetrated.

nkkhoo says:

Should u pretend to be a civilized man with u deal with CSL?

Jess says:

This is a solid evidence that MCA is “in line” with their bosses at Umno – that is to use smear tactics touching on sex against the opposition leaders.