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Gan Tian Loo what if I say your wife has intimate relationship with someone...are you ok?

You are talking nonsense by saying Lim Guan Eng is narrow minded and undemocratic on your wild accusation in the state assembly.

How about if I say your wife has intimate relationship with someone, are you so open minded to accept this wild accusation with open arms?

MCA President is a low moral person does not mean all Chinese politicians are like him fxxxing around like a wild dog.

There is a saying in internet, “let attack the person if you cannot win in the argument”.

That is exact low-life tactic used by small Gan when he has lost in rational debating with DAP folks.

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PLK says:


慧芳 says:

顏天祿做了一個不良示範, 看到女人成為政治人物打擊政敵的武器.
他在甲州議會不辯論政策不談論如何落實良好施政, 而打擊周玉清的名望與聲譽,詢問有關其夫婿林冠英與前公務員的傳言。

馬華不符道德, 越搞越糟, 走向濫權與墜落, 令人失望與絕望。

ariel says:

1) 馬六甲州行議員顏天祿是否濫用了議會廳的免控權力?

2) 馬六甲議會廳在顏天祿發難前突然允許媒體進入拍攝,是不是預先準備好的安排?

3) 在政爭時將對手家人及甚至第三者牽扯進來,是否違反「禍不及妻兒」的原則?此舉是否羞辱了女性?

4) 當馬華總會長本人都曾經是齷齪政治的受害者,是否認同這種攻擊政敵的手段?

5) 馬華是否已經放棄禮義廉恥等基本價值觀念?

Manja says:

Semalam saya tonton Debat 2.0 LGE vs CSL.

CSL banyak cerita lama MCA, kononnya orang Cina tak boleh jadi citizen malaysia tanpa MCA.

Kita tak minat cerita lama.
Anak saya pu tak lagi minat filem lama P. Ramli yang sentiasa diulang tayang di TV2. Mungkin CSL terlalu nostalgic? Dah ketingallan zaman polisi MCA sampai orang muda tak minat lagi?

Yang hairan kenapa Kementerian Kesihatan tak beli ubat terus dari Pembuat ubat. Kenapa nak pakai ejen kroni sebagai orang tengah buat ali-baba bisnes? Liow (MCA) sebagai menteri buat rezeki untuk kroni BN?

nkkhoo says:

Who bought a luxury car for Liow’s wife?

j francis says:

Malacca voters must be wondering how it is that an alleged affair between the Penang chief minister and his staff member deserved attention during the state assembly.

Even the desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane has more class than MCA. This must be the first time in history where instead of confronting the man accused of an affair, the accuser went after his wife. Huh?

And this was done during a state assembly? Huh? Is Lim Guan Eng so powerful that even his supposedly affair can threaten to derail Malacca’s development or cause a public demonstration by Malacca’s outraged wives?

And then we have the son of probably the most well-exposed politician (pun intended) in Malaysia, doing his own exposé – revealing a headline-grabbing RM1 billion financial irregularities involving the Pakatan Selangor government.

No sooner had he gleefully crowed to the press in all his youthful glory on his discovery, was it revealed that his accusations lacked the very important ingredient that MCA has always failed to display- that of the truth.

MCA can now proudly claim that they have attained that much desperately sought after status as Umno. They have sunk to the same levels as that of their big brother, by engaging in a tasteless and immoral campaign of character assassination and false accusations against their political opponents.

Finally, MCA can proudly exchange gossip involving Pakatan leaders with Umno over afternoon tea, as nothing can so threaten national security as that of the night activities of opposition leaders. MIC must feel oh, so left out…

But this recent farcical drama is very much in DAP’s favour. Any last ounce of doubt as to whether MCA should be given a chance to redeem itself has now vanished. Lim says he is no Chua Soi Lek.

A more apt comparison: Chua Soi Lek is no Lim Kit Siang, and Chua Tee Yong is no Lim Guan Eng. As the teleseries Desperate Housewives ends its final season on TV, it is also time to end MCA’s less than inspiring show televised in Malaysia’s political theatre.

At the very least, MCA leaders will have more time now to watch the reruns at home, and allow serious men to do the serious business of running the country.

j francis says:

Of late, the MCA professional groups have joined the parent group and become very critical of the Opposition, mind-bogglingly for no sensible reason. They have been attacking the Selangor state government with falsified facts just to gain some cheap publicity, as the main stream media are there to help them spin the made-up issues raised by them.

Chua Tee Yong, MCA’s Young Professionals Bureau chairman, had alleged that the Selangor government had bought over Talam Corp’s RM676 million assets to clear the firm’s outstanding debts. If truth be told, Talam Corp was made to settle its RM392 million debt to the state instead of the latter bailing the firm out.

It was a blooper on MCA’s part. It is a proven fact that the Talam’s debt recovery exercise has not used a single cent of the rakyat’s money. It was actually executed in a professional and accountable manner under the competent management of Selangor menteri besar.

Unfortunately, this MCA professional group comprises green horns that do not know what they are talking about. The Talam Corp issue has backfired on MCA and this has further damaged the party’s reputation.

Manja says:

MCA dah tiru Umno?
mana ada nilai-nilai murni?

马来西亚人 says:

At least everyone knows that this country is in its current messy situation because of the corrupt and incompetent 55-year-old regime partnered and shared by the useless, spineless MCA.
This terrible fact and reality has made all Chinese angry and sensible people will not behave like the stupid ostrich who buries its head in the sand to avoid facing reality.

while we were busy talking about MCA deputy chief Liow Tiong Lai’s ‘WWW 15′, Gan paid even more for his ‘MCA 5′. “State MCA chairman Gan Tian Loo, who bought MCA 5 with RM28,600, said the number was familiar to him as his state exco official car also bore the same number.” From The Star in 2010.

The uncouth and malicious Umno and its running dog, the MCA, are again practicing the Hitlerian tactic of spreading false and malicious rumours to run down their opponents’ reputation.

The crooks’ tactic is to spread malicious lies and repeat it often enough to try and creat doubt. They believe in that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. If they have proof, just come out to make a statement in public rather than hiding behind the Malacca state assembly privileges from being sued.

王应麟 says:

MCA the mouth of Chinese in Msia ???


Ray says:


马华数十年来,利用华人,出卖华人, 到头来还说保护华人,要华人感恩。




nkkhoo says:

MCA is turning to Chinese mafias for support.

王应麟 says:

this kurang ajar son of a gan lacks proper basic chinese teaching.
need to enroll him for basic 三字經 course.

苟不教 性乃遷 教之道 貴以專

養不教 父之過 教不嚴 師之惰
子不學 非所宜 幼不學 老何為

玉不琢 不成器 人不學 不知義
為人子 方少時 親師友 習禮儀