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Stupidity at the higher level

Australians protested because they lost the investment and job opportunity to Malaysians.

While these so-called anti-Lynas Malaysians are like Chinese red guard army with aimless direction on why they protested.

Fear of radiation pollution from Thorium is truly a Malaysia joke.

The cement used in their homes is more radioactive than rare-earth and its by-products. When anti-Lynas idiots can destroy their homes and choose to stay in the wooden home. But again, green environmentalists will protest using more woods to build their safe homes.

Camping is the best option for anti-Lynas heros and heroins since they like camping.

They have to ride on Bersih 3.0 demo to make them appear being supported by many Malaysians. They have no shame to use All Malaysians against Lynas which in fact only a few brainless people shouting like headless flies.

I have received spamming emails maligning PR, LGE and Anwar from Lynas who think I am supporting them.

Go fxxx off Lynas! I am neutral on this Lynas issue!

JULY 14 simultaneous STOP LYNAS rallies in Malaysia & Australia

Written by Maria Begum, Malaysia Chronicle

Activists campaigning to stop Australian rare earth refiner Lynas from setting up a plant in Malaysia will hold simultaneous rallies in the two countries on July 14 to “Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas”.

The movement calling itself the same name – Save Malaysia, Stop Lunas or SMSL – is sparing no effort in drumming in the message to Prime Minister Najib Razak that the Lynas plant will cost him votes if he insists on pushing through the plant.

According to SMSL chairman Tan Bun Tee, the July 14 rally will include a special feature, where the attendees will be asked to cast a vote – for or against the Lynas plant – which has been sited in Gebeng, Pahang.

“We are holding a nationwide ‘Call to Action’ rally. We will vote for a cleaner and safer future. Now we are telling people the votes in your hands are so important. It can help determine whether Lynas goes on,” Tan was reported as saying on Friday.

Will vote for any party who stops Lynas including BN

Although, Tan added that the mock vote on July 14 was not meant to threaten or pressure any political party, he made it clear that, “We will vote for any party that will stop Lynas”.

He went on to say that the group would not “rule out voting for Barisan Nasional” but only if the ruling coalition represented the people’s interests.

The July 14 rally will take place from 5pm to 6.30pm in 10 states in Malaysia and the three Australian cities of Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Lynas has blamed the fierce protests from the Malaysian public to its plant on the Opposition parties, accusing PKR MP for Kuantan of ‘politicizing’ the issue.

Anti-Lynas activists however fear the Gebeng, Pahang plant could cause radiation pollution and pose a health hazard to the residents.

The comment board with Facebook account.
小心聲 says:

世界著名环境考察权威顾问公司 Oeko Institution 研究关丹 Lynas 的计划书,一阅读 Lynas 的计划书,就直接批评 Lynas 这个建设计划根本就没有依据国际条规来建造。

2)Lynas 的 waste management plan 根本就不能说是一个 plan,因为不确定的地方太多了。该计划书并没有列出一个肯定的废料处理方案。
3)从 Lynas 的计划书,很明显的看出,就是 Lynas 自己也不知道要如何永久性的处理那些废料。
4)报告书也显示出,Lynas 完全没有做到防止辐射泄漏的设施,也没有举出任何方案应付 “万一” 面对辐射泄漏的意外防备。
该专家说,以一间在生产操作中会产出 Thorium 以及 Uranium 如此危害人体元素的提炼厂,却呈上如此不详细的计划书,可说是极之荒唐。

nkkhoo says:

Oeko-Institut is a leading European research and consultancy institute working for a sustainable future. Founded in 1977, the institute develops principles and strategies for realising the vision of sustainable development globally, nationally and locally. Oeko-Institut employs more than 140 staff, including more than 85 researchers at three locations in Germany – Freiburg, Darmstadt and Berlin. They complete approximately 300 projects each year, tackling both national and international issues. For further information please visit our website.


My ex-auditing company hired 3000 consultants, and they are not calling themselves renowned experts.

ariel says:


Ray says:



Murugan says:

Voters in a mock referrendum has overwhelmingly rejected the RM700 million Lynas Advanced Material Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.
Is the government deaf and blind to the Lynas protest?

When a developed country like Australia is not willing to take back the waste, there must be some thing not right. Australia is such a huge country and a small space created to store the waste would not create a dent to its land area. Still it finds not right to take back the waste.

The mock voting has demonstrated the sentiments of the people in general. We can expect that an even larger Second Tsunami will sweep Malaysian at GE13.

nkkhoo says:

20,000 took part in mock referendum means nothing compared with 15 million legitimate voters.

Murugan says:

Do not underestimate low numbers.
BN won by very slim margins (less than 500 votes) in many constituecies in the last election.
Just ask your MCA tong sampah man Chor Chee Heung!

ariel says:

“National Day of Stop Anti Action” at Dataran Tanjung Emas, Muar has just finished. 475 votes were counted. This is the biggest civil movement in Muar organised by NGO since 8th March 2008. Thank Muarian for speaking out and for standing up for Kuantan’s People.


nkkhoo says:

90% of them are DAP supporters.

ariel says:


nkkhoo says:

Both BN and PR are suckers. Both are childish and expect smart Malaysians to be stupid as them.

Only idiots believe any election or survey with more than 97% support.

99.9% is telling this result is good for a political show only.

Don’t wasting your time to post this kind of non-value comments, I will delete it in future.

Manja says:

kalau nkkhoo kata orang yang berhimpun kempen anti-Lynas kelmarin itu bodoh; habislah masa depan kita.
Gua dulu pessimistic tapi sekarang lebih percaya rakyat umum daripada scientist macam prof itu yang mungkin ada agenda yang tertentu.

looi says:

nkkhoo : massive asteroid hits the earth

you must have watched to many Hollywood sci-fi movies on Tonton (umno crony channel).

nkkhoo says:

That is anti-Lynas idiot’s imagination to create fear. Scientific data is useless for them.

Have you not watching any TV station from UMNO cronies like NTV7, TV8, Astro? A typical hypocrite in internet.

Kenneth says:

I thought I have already answered you ? Massive flash flood ? Tsunami triggered by unpredictable event (ie asteroid crash on the ocean/earthquake)? Remember the Japanese authorities did not think an earthquake of mag 9+ could happen?

I was pro anything nuke before 311, after 311 everything chances, nature is way too unpredictable for us to mess with diabolical resources in massive scale. When natural disaster wipe us out, we can only “regen” on a clean land with clean water resource.

Watch how many potentially hazardous asteroids flying pass earth below.

nkkhoo says:

Burn more fossil fuel is safer for the earth? Global warning will destroy the earth before a massive asteroid hits the earth.

Kenneth says:

223Thorium in our cement is well below the standard so there is nothing to worry about. I read that they will dilute the thorium with lots of lime to below standard and make concrete. I believe that is also feasible. My concern has always been freak disaster displacing tons of untreated waste and toxic raw material to our ecosystem. ( I think China people in inner mongolia just released the radioactive chemical waste straight to environment/river without dilution/treatment/isolation that’s why their environment is so screwed, ) We are talking about the largest rare earth processing plant in the world with thousand tonnes of potentially chemically and radioactively dangerous materials. When SHTF, it will be very devastating to us. What is the chance of EQ with mag of 9+ happens in Japan?

The environmental disaster in Baotou, China must not happen in Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

There are other natural radioactive materials in the cement beside thorium. Ask anti-Lynas idiot to measure their house radioactivity and compared with rare earth. I am awaiting this answer to shed light on stupidity at the higher level.

U have not answered me what natural disasters could happen in Pahang like in Japan and China.

Chinese rare earth manufacturers dumped untreated waste to river and other public places for cost savings. Their corrupt government officials should be blamed for poor enforcement on indiscriminate dumping.

Kenneth says:

I think you misunderstood me.

My main concern is a freak natural disaster.

nkkhoo says:

What the major natural disasters in Pahang can cause havoc to factories?

Flash flood due to clogging drain and fire are disasters I can figure out. These are man-made disasters.

Kenneth says:

Yes the radiation is too low to be concerned. Ingestion of radionuclide (no matter how low the measured radiation from your Geiger counter) is a different matter due to inverse square law. Because the radionuclide (thorium) is now super close to your cell, which means the intensity of the radiation is at maximum. Again if Lynas does a great job in managing and isolating the mildly radioactive waste, we should not even be worried.

My main concern is, if you read me correctly, is a freak natural disaster (tsunami/powerful flash flood) that swarms the entire area of factory, spewing all untreated radioactive waste/unprocessed ore to the river & land (think about algae and fish). If there is no turning back, we should at least demand Lynas to be well prepared for tsunami-like disaster.

nkkhoo says:

Tell me the Tsunami hitting East Coast record in the past? How far Lynas from the coastline?

What is your solution for cement used in our house with more radioactive materials inside?

How you inhale thorium dust unless you go inside the factory without face mask.

Chemical toxics from cigarette is closer to you if you do not know more than 1000 harmful pollutants in the second hand smoke you inhale everyday.

I hv received a spamming email from Lynas who think I am supporting Lynas. Go fccc off Lynas!

Ronny says:

Any disaster at Lynas Kuantan is likely due to negligence of its employees. Do not forget stringent control is unlikely in Bolehland given the high level of corruption. also maintenance culture is not there given the 3rd world mentality despite 1st world infrastructure (Pak Lah has said this).

So far still no confirmation how the waste products from Lynas will be managed. Liar Tiong Lie has been asking this but still no answer from LAMP.

topwon says:

Nkkhoo. At least you show intelligence!

Kenneth says:

BTW, The Fukushima Diary link is just for your eye about how messy the situation is in Japan following 311. I do not own or endorse the site.

Nuclear Power is safe

Kenneth says:

I think we have not learnt any lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster. I support Anti-lynas group not because I think the Aussie company won’t commit to the safety of the plant. It’s because I (or some of the concerned citizens) fear a black swan event similar to Fukushima nuclear FUBAR. Remember the Japanese people were told nuclear power is safe, but nature (EQ of 9+) has proven them wrong. Similar tragic disaster could happen in Pahang. A freak tsunami or flash flood smashing the plant and spewing thousand tonnes of radioactive ore or waste to the vicinity (ie: river), making a large area off limit to human/animal for decades or centuries. These people in Anti-Lynas group may not share the same reason as me, but they sure fight for the cleaner and safer of future Malaysia. Please do not call them stupid for fighting a cleaner future for your children (if you have any). My education background is Chemical Engineering and I’m not stupid for rejecting Lynas.

Fukushima Diary

nkkhoo says:

If you against Lynas based on chemical pollution, I will support you.

Don’t be childish to use radioactive, a subject not known by many to scare off our rakyat.

Manja says:

Dr Looi boleh kemukan hujah anda pada sidang Anit-Lynas pada Julai 14?

nkkhoo says:

These people cannot tell the difference between radioactive dose and PPM. It’s better for them to go back to school before making any statement.

Manja says:

nkkhoo mesti bagi tahu Dr Looi jangan terlampau ‘long-winded’.

nkkhoo says:

You lose your reading capability is your problem for not reading more books.

Ronny says:

Obviosly nkkhoo failed to accept that young generation do not like to read long story since the emergence of sms and facebook/twitter. Key thing is to get your point clearly stated concisely. I think the long tales from Dr. Looi is out to confuse when he could not convice.

nkkhoo says:

In one day, new generations only know to read cartoons to understand their own history and culture.

Jess says:

I rather be stupid to believe in this:

One of the most contentious issues with the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant is the thorium (Th) by-product. Exposure to Thorium can cause cancer posing serious risks to workers at the LAMP and surrounding communities. Studies have shown that inhaling thorium dust causes an increased risk of developing lung cancer, and cancer of the pancreas. Bone cancer risk is also increased because thorium may be stored in bone. Thorium has a half life of 14 billion years and is easily transported and spread through wind and water.