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1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade 2012

I will not watch it for second time for the parade boat float. The flotilla design seems is from a same Ng-linked crony company, which is totally lacking creativity and monotonous.

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Ben Hur says:

We have witnessed many reports of the Tourism Ministry’s highly irregular expenses. Did it not, for example, pay RM1,000 for a rubber wrist band (I paid RM3 for mine); RM2,500 for a hat; RM1,000 for a cloth bag; RM500 for a pen and RM480 for a necktie? And remember the three Facebook walls set up for — how much was it? RM1.8 million? And which human with a functioning brain would agree that buying and presenting a RM 17,000 painting (whose money is used?) to Muhyiddin promotes the works of Malaysian artists? Why did Muhyiddin keep quiet about the wortless painting because when there is anyother programe he also gets another worthless paint and give it the person as a gift who attend but the cost of the painting is RM 170000 thousands. That’s how BN bastard make money out of the rakyats pocket.The BN government is not only an irredeemably corrupt regime, but it is also peopled with the extinct subhuman species called hominids resurrected to plague Malaysia.

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Ronny says:

Yen yen should settle the RM12.6 million Pempena debt first, instead she wasted money on such syiok sendiri event that is not accessible by 95% of Malaysians.

Manja says:

Ulasan Kak Yen Yen kononnya dia dapat PR Australia cuma untuk mendapat pendidikan percuma anak lelaki di Down Under. Lepas itu dia ‘tak nak’ lagi PR Australia demi menyahut seruan 1malaysuia. Ini adalah satu kelakuan yang kiasu. Perangai begini menimbulkan persoalan kenapa dia nak jadi Menteri, untuk mendapat untung peribadi dengan cara pecah amanah (rasuah?)? Patutlah Pempena dah muflis/bankrap dibawah naungan dia.

MACC patut siasat akaun Night Floral Parade 2012.