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Comments in MalaysiaKini Chinese are very low taste and low quality unlike its English version

This again to prove that most Chinese educated people are still lacking right intelligence and maturity in public debates. I see this is something to do with rote learning in Chinese schools and close-minded inherited in Chinese educated generations.

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Manja says:

Untuk mendapat A dalam subjects di SRP dan SPM, satu cara adalah melalui cara hafal. Kalau tak hafal macam mana lu boleh ingat tarikh-tarikh kelahiran semua Sultan di Tanah Melayu?

nkkhoo says:

Learning history is to learn mistakes and lessons from past history, not for you to memorize the date for certain event. Computer can do better job to memorize those dates for you.

Memorizing dates for events is a classical example of rote learning. 1511 or the reasons Melaka was conquered is more important?

Malaysian students only know 1511 is the year Melaka was conquered and scored A in History subject by memorizing the date.

When Prof. Khoo asked our smart students why Melaka was falling to Portuguese? The answer is “Cikgu tak ajar.”

Manja says:

Lu boleh bawa komputer masuk waktu peperiksaan?

nkkhoo says:

Open book exam is very common now. Only donkey school will still ask the date for historic event.

Manja says:

Sistem pelajaran Malaysia tak fokus 5Ws+1H.
Cuma 4Ws+1H i.e. 1 suami 4 bini!

nkkhoo says:

Our teachers fell being challenged if you ask more questions.

Murugan says:

My son asked the teacher of police cadet WHY the motives of killing the Mongolian by C4 is never made known? WHAT is the connection of the 2 policemen with Najib? HOW do they obtain the C4? WHO is the mastermind who ordered the two policemen? WHY the face of the 2 policemen were never shown to the public?

The teacher said don’t ask thing outside school syllabus.

Ronny says:

chinese educated folks if have mentality like nkkhoo then considered smart.

nkkhoo says:

Smart or not is subjective, at least ppl must have independent and rational thinking when facing any issues.

Kelvin says:

QOUTE:” I see this is something to do with rote learning in Chinese schools and close-minded inherited in Chinese educated generations.”

Isn’t it the whole Malaysian education system (USPR, PMR, SPM, STPM & local Uni) – but not just Chinese school – is about rote learning and closed-minded education? No? Why only Chinese schools? I don’t get it.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese schools perfect the rote learning system by over emphasizing on exam marking. At least Malay schools still have co-curriculum activities unlike Chinese schools where 100% time is spent on how to score 100% marking in the exam.

Go ask those 9 As scorers in SPM who is late Tan Sri Tan Chee Khoon? My friend’s smart daughters never heard of Prof. Khoo Kay Kim. She knows Taiwanese Star, Jack Chou like her boyfriend.

Manja says:

Mana ada Jack Chou?
Jay Chou-lah!

Saya orang melayu pun tahu, nkkhoo dah lupa daratan?

nkkhoo says:

Actually I recalled the name when I was in Low Yat because Jay Chou is an icon for an antivirus software.

Many young people cannot write their father name correctly, yet they know the pop star’s name inside out.

慧芳 says:

7月8號那天, 蔡CD舌燦蓮花, 馬華的小混混紅衣獻醜!

nkkhoo says:

MCA is turning into Chinese secret sociery. I have evidence to prove MCA leader in my new village is joining and leading secret society.

Ronny says:

Looks like nkkhoo is supporting Mahathirism to abolish chinese vernacular school.

nkkhoo says:

I am a student from Chinese school and know exactly rote learning is still a part of system. There is nothing to do with Mahathir who has never encouraged rote learning.

Manja says:

nkkhoo dah terlampau sangat nak sokong Lynas sehingga sanggup nak mencaci masyarakat sendiri? Geli hati saya dengan perangai ini yang tak padan dengan ajaran Confucius.

nkkhoo says:

U’re racist to label anti-Lynas are Chinese.

Kenneth says:

You miss the following? English is the key to unity and prosperity of Singapore.

They just want a safer and cleaner future for Malaysia, why do you want to label them as stupid?

nkkhoo says:

I think you are the one miss the point. Fair and just policy, not English is the key to Singapore success.

English is also an official language used by India, but no such English magical power for India as you seen in Singapore.

Why don’t you to say English is bad for unity and prosperity by using Philippines as an example?

What the hell these anti-Lynas idiots think they represent Malaysia? I am ashamed with these people who cannot talk intelligently in nuclear physics subject.

Kenneth says:

I agree, we really should consider using the Singaporean education model (English as main teaching language) if we are to improve our competitiveness in global economy.

The proposal by PR/DAP about making a passing grade in the English language compulsory to qualify for SPM is a good start.

nkkhoo says:

What language used is not an issue, the rote system used in Chinese school is the root cause for stupidity like anti-Lynas campaign based on thorium radioactive.