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Putrajaya Floria 2012’s Photos

Most visitors are locals and I don’t believe the total visitors can hit one million for the 9-day event. No more than 30,000 crowd during the last day’s event.

No comment on its world-class status as proudly claimed by Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen Because I have never visited Flower exhibition in Netherland.

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Ronny says:

Congratulations to Ng Yen Yen now that she had confirmed her son as a very sucessful lawyer. Please explain why you need a PR afterall many parents send their children to Australia without having to be a PR. There are 3 things about you, as a Malaysian and also a senior Minister
1) You don’t trust your own goverment.
2) You cheated the Australian goverment for free education.
3) You don’t trust Malaysian Education,and so are most of the minister the PM included.

She got away with cheating the Australians and even have the audacity to say that she has no regrets. Let’s hope the Australian Embassy took her words seriously.

nkkhoo says:

BN leaders are either no confidence on Malaysia tertiary education or too rich to spend money in overseas.

Tell me which BN minister’s sons and daughters study in local universities except Anwar?

Ronny says:

A challenge from nkkhoo to all ministers, deputy ministers and senators to give a full list of their children education, which school are they attending.

Perhaps Wong Chun Wai of The Star can assist nkkhoo?

nkkhoo says:

Wong is still waiting his Tan Sri.

Manja says:

Yen Yen pandai bazir wang rakyat.
Restauran Awana Chelsea milik Pempena di UK pun rugi duit hingga terpaksa digadai untuk bayar hutang.
Saya lebih minat pergi ke ‘Gardens By The Bay’ di Singapura.
Sakit hati tengok Kementerian Pelancungan bazir duit.

nkkhoo says:

At least 5 billion USD was spent on Gardens by the Bay by Singapore government.

Malaysia has natural forests which are under promoted by Ng Yen Yen.

Ronny says:

Why would BN want to promote natural forest when the cronies could keep the timber for themselves?

Jess Hong says:

Why syiok sendiri when Tourism Minsitry’s Pempena that used to have an asset of RM50 millions has closed shop with RM16 million debt?

Yen Yen should be accountable, so is Pempena’s director Donald Lim.

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