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concerned citizen says:

Yen Yen’s 國陣治理的政府將會導致5D,即:赤字(Deficits)、債務(Debts)、欺騙Deceits)、獨裁(Dictatorship)及人才外流(Brain Drain)

“截至3月31日,政府的債務已達4700億令吉。若把2012年的預算赤字包括在內,政府的債務將於2012年底達5000億令吉。這還未包括不在賬目內的、讓人擔憂的或有負債(contingent liabilities)達1100億令吉。"“這些或有負債加上政府的官方債務,我國債務將增加至6000億令吉,或相等於2800萬人,每人欠債2萬1500令吉。

Manja says:

Ini saya petik dari ulasan pembaca Malaysiakini.

Ng Yen Yen is teaching people three bad things:

1) Debts do not have to be settled – Tourism Malaysia subsidiary Pempena hasn’t repaid a cent of its debt of RM12.4 million to Kah Bintang despite being ordered by the High Court in April 2011 to do so.

2) Good deeds can be forgotten – the goodwill and kind gesture of the Australian government towards her son’s tertiary education can be quickly unappreciated as soon as he graduates.

3) Promises need not be fulfilled – despite promising transparency in the tender process for Tourism Malaysia’s RM381 million advertising contract, a sizable proportion of the contract was awarded to Impact Creations Sdn Bhd and Naga DBB, two companies owned by personal friends of the tourism minister (Juni Ewe and Vincent Lee).