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Chua lied again to say Anwar was Education Minister when Yen Yen applied for Australian PR

Anwar was Education minister only from 1986 to 1991. During the time that Yen Yen applied for PR, it was Sulaiman Daud, who was the Education minister from 1991 to 1995.

Restriction with quota based on color skin in local public universities was enforced after NEP in 1971, nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim as Education Minister from 1986 to 1991.

Legally speking, Yen Yen can apply for PR from 100 nations, but her political moral is bankrupt for her to call herself a patriotic Malaysian.

MCA is a part of BN government who agreed to the quota system, MCA has to answer to Chinese community on this BN racial policy. Anwar was representing UMNO, he has no duty to answer for MCA’s own mistake.

Only Anwar’s children studied in local universities while the sons and daughters of other ministers all are studying in overseas.

Lim Kit Siang also sent his golden son, Guan Eng to Australian university.

燕燕为孩子教育申请澳居留权 [Yen Yen applied Australian PR for the sake of her children education]
细历怪安华限制非土著进大学 [Soi Lek blamed Anwar limiting public universities seats for non-bumi]

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KH Kong says:

The Talam debate on Sept 12 saw the Chua Tee Yongre fusing to debate with Pakatan MPs: Tony Pua, Dzulkefly Ahmad and William Leong.

MCA always deceives the chinese community with strange stunts.

Chua Jr. does not have the level to debate with Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim on the Talam issue. Thus the debate arranged by MCA on Sept 12, knowing that Khalid will be away, is a cheap publicity stunt in order for MCA to do damage control as the sudden emergence of the Tan Koon Swan saga will surely greatly damage MCA.

It is impossible for MCA not to know that Khalid will be away on that particular day. This is therefore an MCA stunt to claw back popularity from the Chinese who are increasingly losing respect for this party who only voices out on selective issues.

勇华 says:



送卖华四个字: 鸣鼓收兵 吧!

Ray says:

MCA Youth WKS vs DAP Youth Anthony Loke on Astro AEC talk show:

Topic: Which coalition would today’s youth choose?

ariel says:

马华总会长蔡细历曾于6月19日高调宣佈,教育部将于两周内发出复办关丹独中批准信, 当时蔡细历还拍胸口保证企图向华社邀功。可是如今不但事发巳过三周,马华的诺言没有实现,蔡细历还大言不惭反口否认曾做出上述宣佈,这显示该党再度“公信 力破产。”

华龙仔 says:

安華當教育部長時,馬華是執政成員黨之一 還是 執政黨裡的 ‘睡覺’成員黨?


nkkhoo says:

How many non-bumi students in public universities after so-called meritocracy policy was implemented by Pak Lah?

Actually less non-bumi students in public universities now because bumi is taking matikulasi while non-bumi is taking STPM.

MCA should blame Anwar again for building MARA Junior Colleges for bumi. 🙂

Manja says:

MCA ingat masyarkat Cina dah puas bila Southern College dapat iktiraf Najib. MCA sepatutnya minta kuota unioversiti tempatan diperluaskan untuk bukan melayu. Tapi sejarah telah mennunjukkan MCA hanya tahu mengikut arahan Umno saje!

nkkhoo says:

The right policy to do is to unify pre-u exam to one for all Malaysian students.

丘丘 says:




丘丘 says:

【双雄辩论 2.0 – 笑话之。。。】



注:安华多次公开挑战纳吉公开辩论,遭到纳吉以“辩论不是我国文化”多次拒绝,安华调侃 – “让你十分钟,我只要3分钟!”

Ronny says:

The courage to lie is now a hallmark in MCA.

Liar Tiong Lie started the trend by lying that the police’s tear gas did not hit Tung Shin hospital.

‘Courage’ + ‘Lies’ is the desperate attempt by MCA to deceive the chinese community.