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Shame on Chinese bystanders who pretended not seeing an old injured lady was lying on the ground

At least five persons walked pass the injured old lady due to snatching and making no effort to help the old lady. These five cool-blooded persons will be self-condemned for life and this is the biggest punishment for doing nothing.

I can tell you 90% of them are money-faced Chinese with low moral value in their heart.

The same tragic incident was happened in China where at least 18 passers-by ignored a child who was rolled over by two vans and pretended that they saw nothing.

An old Chinese folk [the sixth person in the CCTV] and two Indians came forward to give their hands for this tragedy in Penang. The old lady died in the hospital.

This shameful incident happened in Penang, not in China.

The majority of Malaysian Chinese are selfish, money-faced, kiasi but very good in infighting with other Chinese [a.k.a bully other Chinese]




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