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The Star website is sloppy after they launched iPaper paid service

I have to click three or four times to change a page link now. I believe they purposely make its free website sloppy to force readers to subscribe The Star iPaper.

The Star still cannot shut down its free website because of MCA propaganda in internet is still needed.

Stop buy The Star printed copy until they are losing money and no longer feasible to offer free website.

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黑面 says:

大选近了,红番薯(MCA’s 红番茄)露出真面目帮国阵拉票!


QPR says:

Lately the Star is getting thicker but its content is getting shallower, swamped with BN propaganda. I have stopped buying the paper since 2009. Recently I read the copy made available at KFC. How can The Star try to justify its increased circulation? It even attmepted to show the profile of its readers. Not sure if such profile fit nkkhoo?

By the way, I paid 30 sen for each copy of The Sun that is delivered to my home. The Sun is much thinner, but packed with real analysis and commentary.

Jocelyn Tan should learn from Nadeswaran.

Murugan says:

No report by The Star on those Felda folks marching to Istana to protest against the Felda IPO listing?

nkkhoo says:

It was reported in Chinese newspapers with under estimated crowds of 5000.

concerned citizen says:

The Star 請拿出誠意 !!!!

Ronny says:

Relying on The Star for news is the stupidity of the highest order.

nkkhoo says:

90% news in Star are sourced from foreign news agencies and Bernama.

Malaysiakini paid Bernama for using its news service if you are ignorance.

Manja says:

The Star pandai ‘selective reporting’ dan tak bagi ‘right to reply’. Wong Chun Wai ampu MCA/UMNO konon nak jadi Tan Sri…

nkkhoo says:

An intelligent person should have selective reading power, not influenced by the newspapers. Same principle applied when you read Malaysiakini.

Manja says:

nkkhoo macam dah tagih sama cerita The Star?

Wong Chun Wai patut bagi nkkhoo akses percuma The Star kerana nkkhoo banyak percaya sama The Star.