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Stop building hawker stalls in Taiping Lake Garden

The hawker stalls project in Taiping Lakes is canceled according to Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism, Dato Seri’ Tan Lian Hoe. As usual, only UMNO got the final say in BN. The outcome of this project is still pending.

The Star only picked up the tussle after more than one week. Surprisingly, my blog is mentioned by The Star.

Write your complaints to on this matter.

Online feedback form of Taiping Municipal Council,

Taiping Municipal Council will call a meeting on Thursday [19 July 2012] with various parties to decide the fate on this project.

Go show up yourself at Taiping Municipal Council Office if you are in Taiping and local residents to preserve the beauty of Taiping Lake.

The idiot from BN government is destroying the tranquility and beauty of Taiping Lake Garden.

Can you imagine hawker stalls are built right behind the row of iconic rain trees in Taiping Lake? The picturesque rain trees scenery would be spoiled by the presence of hawker center and eating crowds.

Besides, the roots of rain trees will be adversely affected by these buildings and may shorten its lifespan.

Taiping Municipal Council, please show us the EAI report for the project in heritage zone.

This below photo only show a small section of area to be used for hawker center.

Storm over iconic raintrees at Taiping Lake Gardens

TAIPING: A storm is brewing over the iconic raintrees at Taiping Lake Gardens, with a signature campaign gaining steam against a plan to develop the area.

Although the Taiping Municipal Council said none of the raintrees would be felled, the public and nature lovers are having none of it.

They fear the construction of several kiosks there would ultimately “threaten” the trees and harm the tranquil atmosphere at the park, said to be the country’s oldest.

About 4,000 signatures have been collected since Sunday. Yesterday, the council announced that it would put on hold the plan to develop the Jalan Pekeliling stretch.

Chillin’ with nature: A man resting under a raintree at Taiping Lake Gardens. In the background behind the blue fencing is the hawker stalls project.

Council president Shahrom Datuk Abdul Malek said a final decision on the proposal to turn the area into a tourist centre would be made after the views of the people and experts had been sought.

Under the RM3.6mil plan, kiosks selling souvenirs and fast food would be built along a 600m stretch of the road that will be turned into a pedestrian walk.

“We have asked the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority to stop the project pending a final decision,” he said.

Campaign organiser Teh Kok Lim said the project would mar the scenic view of the lakes and affect the well-being of the iconic trees.

Taiping Mari! Facebook group administrator Lee Hui Seng said the plans could pave the way for other entertainment centres in the area.

“Sooner or later, we may have a mini Haadyai at Lake Gardens with Flemington Hotel as the nucleus,” he commented on the group’s page.

Another user Kent Chin said cleanliness at the lake was already bad “and having kiosks there would only make it worse”.

Taiping-born Alven Loh took things further by organising his own online petition to protect the raintrees, collecting 650 signatures as at 11am yesterday.

Blogger N.K. Khoo said the picturesque scenery of the lake would be spoilt by the presence of hawker stalls.

Meanwhile, Perak Tourism Committee chairman Datuk Hamidah Osman expressed surprise over the proposed project.

“The matter was never brought up to the state executive council. I do not have any idea of such plans and their details.

“The lake gardens has its own unique identity and must be protected,” said Hamidah.

A check by The Star found that the proposed project site had been fenced up while the lakes located across the area appeared to be drying up due to the ongoing drought.

Taiping Lake Gardens was officially opened to the public by Perak’s then British Resident Frank Swettenham on Nov 17, 1893.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Murugan says:

This is for bumiputera traders to cari makan.
They do not believe in renting shop lots to operate their business.

nkkhoo says:

I know exactly the stalls are for bumi traders. There is another Chinese food court nearby built on a private land, I think they are jealous on the brisk business in the food court.

Let me tell you the business in the stalls built for Malay in my kampung, the most successful Malay stall actually is owned by a Chinese woman who married to a Malay.

Murugan says:

I went to Alor Star recently for a seminar.
The once-serene Taman Merdeka are now very messy with many hawker stalls (100% malays), now extending to the Stadium Darulaman.
Do not blame PAS for this, as it is under the BN adinistration that this is implemented.
Also the lake at Taman Merdeka no longer has Lotus flowers, all removed, possibly because it is a symbol of Buddhism? No wonder the lake is now ‘dead’ and smelly – used as a dumping ground for wasted food/drink packaging!

nkkhoo says:

I will put PR government responsible for this messy.

Murugan says:

Not easy to uproot those Umno flers, just like it is near impossible to remove those MCA mafia machais in Johor. It will need the order from the federal government. So let’s vote in a new government to effect change!

kkk says:

Taiping Lake Garden – a nice spot for peaceful Himpunan Hijau anti pollution like Lynas.
In present times, a great many people would appreciate consultations with them on some of things that they feel matters most in their daily lives. Gone are the days when they will allowed themselves to be led blindly by their elected and/or not non-elected leaders. Lynas is one such glaring case. However, our government are still SLEEPING and adopting the childish attitude of PANTANG DITEGUR.

Manja says:

Apo kata Zambry pasal penjajah cari makan di tempat awam yang tak bersesuaian ?