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The race and gender ratios for intake of public university in 2012

Total intake: 38549

Malay: 27455 [71.2%]

Chinese: 8986 [23.3%]

India: 1384 [3.5%]

Others: 724 [1.9%]

UMNO is creating a loophole by not including diploma courses in the university intake statistics. Diploma course students will be upgraded to degree course if the students interested to continue study.

In reality, more Malay students actually study in public universities, much higher than 71.2%.

Under UMNO meritocracy where bumi students sit for matriculation and non-bumi students sit for STPM, Indian is the main victim with only 3.5% intake.

Under the old quote system, at least in theory Chinese is given 30% and Indian 10% quotas. In practical, Malay diploma course students are not included in the quota statistic.

Why Malay still need the clutch if they already performed better than non-bumi judging from the number of intake where 71.2% is above the Malay population ratio of 60%?

Male to female: 34.2% vs 64.9%

Acute imbalance in gender ratio is another long-term social problem. The dropout and flung male students are main source for mat rempit, porn CD seller, Ah Long runners, gangsters, robbers, rapists, drug addicts, etc.

BN government creates two social instabilities with NEP and bookworm policies.

1. Racial disharmony and tension among the races with dual-examination system.

2. Hot bed for new criminals especially from Indian youth.

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Jim says:

全國首十名最佳考生竟拿不到第一選擇,拿滿分選讀醫學系想當醫生的竟被派去讀法律系,當不成醫生要他做律師。 這種不公平現象的存在有個“一諾千金”&“以民為本”的政府,它特別照顧人才,讓大批優秀生他們盡量外流到國外大專深造,以避開住在一個將在2019年破產的國家!




ariel says:

Sinchew is MIS-leading …
86.4% Chinese dapat masuk univasity !

True fact : only 23.3% OUT of 38,549 successful applicants !

nkkhoo says:

86.4% Chinese applicants were accepted is a correct statement.

ariel says:



ariel says:

don’t waste time on STPM. If you are good, apply for Asean scholarship to study in NUS or NTU.


Murugan says:

Chinese in Malaysia gets the consolation prize of UTAR.
Indians in Malaysia gets MAHSA.

That’s how MCA and MIC kow tow to Ketuanan Umno.

nkkhoo says:

These consolation prizes are paid with double taxations.