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Another good reason to say no to red meat burgers and fast food

Besides the raw material used for burger is suspicious, the high temperature cooking also bad to our health.

A medical study conducted in Singapore on Chinese folks who take western food frequently has shown a strong correlation with high risk of diabetes and heart disease. []

‘Red meat cooked at high heat a cancer risk’

KUALA LUMPUR: The public should avoid eating red meat cooked at high temperature as the method poses a cancer risk.

According to National Cancer Society Malaysia (NSCM) president Dr Saunthari Somasundaram, consuming a high amount of such meat cooked in this way over a period of time could increase the risk of a person getting colon and breast cancer.

Cooking meat over high-temperature is normally done when one is pan frying or grilling the meat directly over an open flame.

She said meat cooked in this way produces a chemical known as Heterocyclic amines which is mutagenic, meaning it can damage the DNA thus raising the risk of one getting cancer.

She was asked yesterday to comment on a statement by Perak Consumers Association president Abd Rahman Said Alli that roadside stalls that cooked burgers over high heat were a cancer risk and urged the public to avoid eating these foods.

Dr Saunthari said that “in our society, having a fast food meal like burgers has become a way of life and is part of the daily diet… but taking too much is bad.”

On a recent report that the Singapore government has banned a particular brand of burger, she said it was important to note its contents as well.

She said that burgers normally have a fat content of between 15 and 20 per cent and if consumed often, could cause obesity.

“Obesity itself is a cancer risk factor.”

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Feringghi Boy says:

suggest you browse this webpage
and encourage your readers and yourself to eat less meat to save the earth and the human beings.

Be compassionate to all living things……

Murugan says:

Be a vegan and you will not have to worry about this problem.