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Penang hillslope apartment projects...who should be responsible?

I agree five hillslope apartments in the BN propaganda brochure were all approved by previous BN government.

Who should clean up the shits? Whoever running the present government must responsible and come out a solution. Barking to previous government is just an excuse of incompetence and lousy government.

Lim Guan Eng said huge compensations have to be paid to developers if PR government cancels the projects. Actually, I do not understand “huge” is 1 million or 1 billion for him.

This is a typical lie from Junior Lim.

Under the housing law, the local government still can cancel any project already approved. When the PR took over Penang government, two projects were still on the drawing board albeit building plans already approved by MPPP.

The government has no obligation to pay for potential HUGE profits from the canceled projects as Junior Lim tried to mislead rakyat.

For example, Pak Lah canceled JB crooked bridge approved by Mahathir after he became PM, the government only paid compensation on cost incurred on the project. Another example is Tan Huat Joo’s quarry license cancellation.

The state government could cancel hillslope projects by merely compensating developers with consultant, architecture and other expenses in application. This amount is not HUGE compare to RM30 million free money given to developer of sPICE project.

In MNC, if a manager keeps blaming ex-manager he/her has replaced for problems encountered under his charge, the manager will be labeled attitude problem and most likely will be fired by his boss.

Junior Lim most likely will be fired within three months with his blame game if he were a professional manager in any MNC.

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Feringghi Boy says:

i am saving up for my capital to start food delivery biz for residents along Teluk Bahang, Batu Feringghi, Tanjung Bungah area.
The road to these densed areas is hardly widened all these years while the human & vehicle population have exploeded (C5 meletup type).
In a very short time; the residents here will have trouble doing daily grocery trips because of crazy bottleneck traffic jam there.
So i figure I an start grocery delivery biz there and charge a commision for every delivery from Tesco, Giant, Sunshine, Carrefour, etc.

nkkhoo want to be my business partner then contact me.

nkkhoo says:

I also thinking this idea in KL after crime rate is rising sky high.

Yes, you should start up home delivery service in Penang.

ariel says:

nkkhoo to follow this 康头 to operate delivery service in Klang Valley?

nkkhoo says:

Read carefully, the idea was mooted in my mind long before Feringghi Boy mentions it here.

ariel says:

You got study law or not?
Can anyhow suka suka cancel previous agreement or contract signed by BN?
CM must follow law.
Cannot anyhow do or BN will saman you!
Don’t forget Law Minister nazri is a real terror!

nkkhoo says:

Pak Lah canceled crooked bridge after he became PM. Government only paid compensation for the cost incurred on the project.

Junior Lim pro-developer is an open secret, DAP needs money from them to run election.

ariel says:


nkkhoo says:

This is a childish and irresponsible statement from Junior Lim to ask Malaysia government to pay for screw-up policy in Penang.

Previous BN Penang government is Penang matter and housing project is a state matter, please stop asking Johoreans or Sabahan to clean up your shits in Penang.

He is a shameless Penang Chief Minister.