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Free Malaysia Today apologized to Lynas

I disliked how Lynas project was approved without consultation with the rakyat.

If you read all Lynas related posts in FMT and my blogs, my comments are mostly supporting Lynas because of scientific facts.

Anti-Lynas based on fact is ok, but what I saw is fact-twisting by anti-Lynas group to influence rakyat especially the Chinese who cannot tell the difference what is alpha, beta and gamma radioactive.

Sin Chew Daily also published anti-Lynas articles, why only FMT was sued?

An apology to Lynas Corp Ltd

Re: Lynas Corporation Ltd & Anor v Mtoday News Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur High Court Civil Suit No 23 NCVC-52-04-2012

We refer to the articles previously published by us which claim that the Lynas plant may be unsafe. We apologise for these publications as such claims do not have a scientific basis. The regulatory review of the Lynas plant has been thorough and diligent.

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Manja says:

Jika projek Lynas ini tidak dihentikan, Malaysia akan bakal tercemar dengan imej yang buruk sebagai tapak perlupusan terbesar di dunia bagi sisa nadir bumi untuk sebuah syarikat Australia yang banyak memperolehi perlindungan dan imuniti dari Kerajaan berbanding dengan kita rakyat jelata. Kita tidak lagi akan pasti jika makanan laut segar kita masih selamat dari pencemaran sisa nadir bumi kelak, kita akan was-was jika air yang kita minum masih bersih dan bebas daripada pencemaran dan jika udara yang kita sedut adalah bebas daripada zarah radioaktif atau mana-mana bahan cemar lain.

Apakah ertinya titik peluh dan kerja keras kita jika kita akhirnya hidup dalam keadaan ketakutan dengan pencemaran? Kita adalah warganegara, anak bumi ini, pembayar cukai di negara ini dan keluarga kita akan meneruskan hidup dengan pengakhiran hidup yang penuh dengan risiko dan bahaya dari bahan buangan radioaktif Lynas selama-lamanya. Malaysia akan menjadi bahan ketawa dunia manakala Lynas dan pemilik-pemilik saham kapitalisnya akan ketawa ke bank sambil mengambil kesempatan meraih keuntungan besar bagi diri mereka pada kebodohan dan kemurahan hati kita!

Sahril says:

Patutlah Mahathir sokong Lynas, anak dia ada kepentingan dalam syarikat tu. Kumpulan Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) mendedahkan Mokhzani yang merupakan CEO Kencana Petroleum melalui anak syarikatnya Kencana Torsco mendapat kontrak bernilai RM9.1 juta untuk membekal besi dan karbon kepada kilang Lynas.

Reamus says:

A good comment on Malaysiakini:

AELB (Atomic Energy Licensing Board) seems to be working hand in glove with Lynas. How can this so-called regulator regulate Lynas?

Rare earth processing plant Lynas will have a free hand with their radioactive waste in Malaysia. We do not have any independent and competent body to regulate Lynas. AELB and the others will dance to Lynas’s tune.

We do not need this dirty polluting industry which brings no benefit to the country. Lynas has a tax holiday for 12 years.

At the end of the tax holiday, they will just pack up and go somewhere else leaving their radioactive waste behind. All Lynas can provide is some low level jobs, which will mainly be taken up by foreigners.

This government has no power to force Lynas to take back their radioactive waste. It is now up to the people to stop Lynas.

Kramer says:

Didn’t the BN government built the Bukit Merah in Perak, a rare earth plant with the scientific assurances, that went completely wrong? There were the usual scientific studies and justifications by all the clever nuclear scientists; see what happened? Did people suffer and die from the radioactive waste? All those who supported the Lynas including the scientist from PAS,Hulu Langat MP Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, can you look straight into the mirror and answer with God as witness that nothing can go wrong? If there is even a small element of risk to the lives of the people – don’t do it. Malaysia is not a poor country like the African states who need employment to survive – we have not reached that stage of desperation. Beware,the wealth earned from the blood money comes with a karmic price.

tunglang says:


Why no report on the proposed nuclear plants by BN?

nkkhoo says:

I support nuclear plants.

Ron says:

Then why not set up one in Muar?

nkkhoo says:

Why not?

90% Malaysians will support nuclear plants if electrical tariff from nuclear plants is cheaper than coal-powered plants.

Those against nuclear technology is supporting more CO2 released to atmosphere with fossil fuel plants and yet they call themselves green environmentalists.

Jim says:




Murugan says:

If rakyat didahulukan, why is BN so secretive about the Pengerang’s Rapid project, and sign the agreement with Taiwan Kuokuang secretly? Rakyat is fed up because it is just like the Lynas project, no transparency at all as someone could possibly take the 3% commission from the Taiwan company who faced opposition by its citizens back home on the project?

The Edge Business and Investment Weekly reported in its latest edition that the Johor government had inked an agreement with Taiwan’s CPC Corp last week with little fanfare despite Putrajaya’s eagerness to court foreign firms in its bid to push Malaysia into the ranks of high-income nations by 2020.

BN hs also identified 7 potential sites for its nuclear plant. Again no transparency on this matter at all.

nkkhoo says:

3% commission is a kid business for BN. They jacked up price at least 100% for any project in Bolehland.

Ray says:

Chua Jr. gets 3% (or more?) for the RFID contract for bird nest export to China?

nkkhoo says:

Bird breeders showed their muscles yesterday. These bird men are rich and powerful who can influence local people.

Ray says:



ariel says:


nkkhoo says:

Follow the mob rule is your justice?