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You pay Symantec to crash your Win XP

Most antivirus software purposely coded to stop you from using other antivirus software by using lame excuse of incompatibility.

The “certain third-party software” have been identified by Symantec to include the following products:

Novell ZenWorks
PGP Whole Disk Encryption
Sophos LanCrypt
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

Usually they ask you to uninstall third-party software from their competitors first. This practice is unethical.

Symantec explains Windows XP ‘blue screen of death’ outbreak

Summary: The security firm is ‘restructuring’ its SONAR signature quality assurance process after an incompatibility took down a number of Symantec-protected Windows XP machines last week

By David Meyer |

Symantec has explained a compatibility problem that saw some of its Windows XP-using customers experience the ‘blue screen of death’ last week.

The company said on the weekend that a “full evaluation and root cause analysis of the issue” showed that the only customers to be affected were those running XP, certain third-party software, the latest version of Symantec’s behaviour-based SONAR technology, and the 11 July rev11 SONAR signature set.

“The root cause of the issue was an incompatibility due to a three-way interaction between some third-party software that implements a file system driver using kernel stack based file objects — typical of encryption drivers, the SONAR signature and the Windows XP Cache manager,” Symantec Security Response team member Orla Cox said in a blog post. “The SONAR signature update caused new file operations that create the conflict and led to the system crash.”

Cox detailed the many elements of Symantec’s quality assurance process for SONAR signatures, but conceded that it failed to catch this problem before the affected signature set was rolled out. She added that the company was tweaking its testing process to make sure it didn’t happen again, and no new SONAR signatures would be released until that “restructuring” has taken place.

After the problem manifested itself on 11 July, Symantec rolled back the rev11 signature set — it was only being pushed out by the company’s LiveUpdate servers for just over eight hours.

Soon afterwards, Symantec posted updated — and less crash-prone — ‘r12’ signatures to the public LiveUpdate production servers.

“Once the signature was rolled back, no new issues were reported from the field,” the security firm said in a summary of the incident.

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Jolie says:

Finspy 是一款很全能的软件,目前所有的杀毒软件都对他没有抵抗,除了盗听,盗视,盗用,还可以盗出用户的所有密码,包括网络。

nkkhoo 你要注意了,你的资料/密码都可能被盗取的!!!

nkkhoo says:

I have challenged a kiddie hacker to hack my PC since ten years ago, and nothing till happen today. Those people claim they are hackers actually are kiddie hackers who use tools developed by real hackers.

I know a person who can enter any Win-based PC without using any hacking software because he found Microsoft planted a backdoor in our Win OS. Of course Microsoft always denies such backdoor is ever exist.

There is an American programmer, he always write viruses to test my old friend’s skill in decoding his viruses.

Frenz says:

Any antivirus software that can be launch from thumb drive to clean an infected PC?
Appreciate you expert advice, Mr nkkhoo.

nkkhoo says:

Certain viruses have to cleaned from drive A. As long you can boot from thumb drive, I believe it can be done from thumb drive.

Murugan says:

Conspiracy Theory: Microsoft is ‘disabling’ XP with such tactics (with help of agents like Symantec) so as to force users to migrate (upgrade) to the coming Microsoft 8 OS. nkkhoo better do so before his XT crashes along with his priced data (e.g photos of girlfriends).