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More CCTVs, more policemen, more lamp posts....these are solutions for combating crime

The police and BN government have no political will to crack down on illegal immigrants and overstayed African students, drug smuggling syndicates and mafias.

Unemployed Indians, drug addicted Malays and Chinese gangsters are never considered as the root cause for crime.

What Hisham knows is to add more CCTVs, more policemen and more lamp posts.

PR state governments are following same strategy. New PR federal government will not help with the “more” mindset.

The same high crime problem will still be a talking point by 2020.

KL cops to malls: Install more CCTV
Thursday, July 19, 2012 – 15:04
by G. Prakash

CITY police have advised shopping malls’ management and its security company to install more closed circuit television (CCTV ) on their premises and ensure existing ones are in good working condition.

Its chief, Datuk Mohmad Salleh, said CCTV was a vital security feature and footage obtained from it could provide important clue that could result in the arrest of a suspect if a crime has occurred.

He said this after meeting 89 representatives, comprising mainly the heads of 80 security companies attached to shopping complexes in the city, yesterday evening at Cititel Mid Valley.

It was held barely two days after Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein announced 25,000 mall guards nationwide would get special training by police.

Mohmad said other things discussed were that police had planned to have one police liaison officer for each shopping complex here.

“The liaison officer would be the contact point for the head of security of the mall, be it a crime or to discuss how to step up the security in the mall.”

Police are also planning to have patrol units for shopping mall car parks from time to time.

“This was suggested by the security companies to us and we would consider this as well.”

He said since the beginning of the year, there had been eight robbery and snatch theft cases in shopping malls, in which two had been solved.

Earlier, during a high profile police walkabout at the Mid Valley Megamall, Federal police management director Datuk Mortadza Nazarene said the idea of training security guards would be implemented soon as they had started meeting security firms in stages.

“So far, feedback from security companies has been positive but they have raised the issue of lack of manpower. When the guards go for the training, the company has difficulty in providing guards at designated area.”

Mortadza said the training module would comprise crime prevention tips only and not confrontational methods.

“The training module would be on crime prevention, such as when guards are on patrol; what are the things they need to look at, how to spot a suspicious character and how they can alert police efficiently when reporting a crime.”

He said among other things that would be discussed with the mall’s management and security companies was if parking lots close to the entrance and exit could be allocated to women.

Mortadza said training would be given to both local and foreign guards.

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Nam Ho says:

PDRM are BN bodyguards.

Ronny says:

Our banks and goldsmith outlets have armed guards, but our opposition politicians are denied the protection they deserve. The IGP is busy currying favors with Putrajaya, while the AG is busy doing all he can to whitewash criminal issues with smokescreen palliatives.

The police must serve and protect all citizens since they are salaried by taxpayers, including PKR taxpayers. Bending backwards just to serve their BN political masters is simply not acceptable. That’s outrageous!

TKF Stulang says:

You provide good solutions but BN prefer to manipulate statistics as an easy way out to lure voters.

Would you trust the statistics coming out from Permadu?
If the immigration data can be altered, EC registers can be manipulated, Economic data pre-determined, tell me a good reason we the Rakyat should believe what was said and disclosed…

ariel says:

Crime is on the rise.
ATM is no longer safe too.
Kidnapping and murder is very common now.
I am worried that the Iskandar EduCity may attract more foreign criminals disguising as students to do crime in Johor.

Meanwhile can nkkhoo further elaborate on the allegations that crime statistics are manipulated to meet KPI?

Henry says:

All KPI are manipulated by BN.

nkkhoo says:

KPIs are designed and assessed by the same party, that is a joke in any continuous improvement project.

JYT says:

Last time Hishamuddin says crime is a perception and now he says crime index not important!

Sadako says:



以劫案为例,在刑事法典第392条文(抢劫)和第397条文(帮派抢劫)下被列为指数罪案。这项罪行将在刑事法典第382条文(盗窃造成伤害或死亡的制备)下被重新分类为非指数。一向以来,刑事法典第382 条文是一个非指数罪案,因此将不会反映在犯罪统计数据上。




Felix says:



Raymond says:


ocw says:

Chief Somali Pirates has family (studying in KL) in KL on special envoy pass.
Ransom money are black money to be washed in KL.
This is known international fact which USA has no control because Bolehland and Somali mafia are abang adik.

Ray says:

Clearly many criminals caught recently are those ‘foreign students’ in Malaysia. PDRM should just go check up those bogus students by checking up the ‘learning institution’ that admitted them. But we know that PDRM has other priority because GE is near.

nkkhoo says:

These foreign students are rich enough to bribe policemen, their presence is a good source of income. They are welcomed by police.

Murugan says:

Polis already outsourced the service to RELA.
PDRM’s main focus is to handle Bersih participants and opposition.

HOE says:

suppliers of CCTV good business….. very soon there will be 1CCTV project catering to the interest of cronies ???