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When Ridhuan Tee can get his bumi status if there is no distinction between Islam and Malay rights?

If he drops his surname Tee, he sons and daughters may got chance to earn bumi status.

A Malay must be Muslim does not mean a Muslim like Ridhuan Tee is a Malay. How could an Associate Professor (how he earns his AP is another question mark) cannot understand this simple logic?

None of 30-50 million Muslims in China think they are Malay, except this idiot.

Islam is the official religion only enshrined in constitution in 80s by Mahathir, it never a parcel of social contract (if any) agreed upon by three main races during the Malaya independence in 1957.

‘No distinction between Islam and Malay rights’

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | July 20, 2012

Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee says upholding Islam meant defending the Malay race as a whole.

KUALA LUMPUR: Upholding Islam meant protection of Malay rights, said controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in a statement, suggesting that any threat to the latter is akin to challenging the country’s official religion.

The academic, who has a column slot with Umno’s hardline mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, said although religion should take precedence over race, there was no separation between Malay and Islam.

“I took the decision, the stand, that the importance of religion must be upheld and to protect religion, this includes defending the Malay race as a whole,” he said at the launch of his book at the Defence Ministry here.

The book, entitled “Masih Adakah Ketuanan Melayu?” and “Cabaran Saudara Baharu di Malaysia” was inaugurated in the presence of its minister and Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ridhuan’s, a Chinese Muslim convert, ironically, had often been accused of being a racist for his hardline attacks against the opposition who he described as a threat to Islam and the Malays for their secular policies proposals.

The attacks usually come hand in hand with other controversial editorials depicting the federal opposition bloc, particularly the predominantly Chinese DAP, as being anti-Islam.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders alleged Utusan’s “extremist” approach was a desperate act by Umno to stoke racial fire aimed at shoring support from the country’s majority electorate and political observers noted its success.

Ridhuan, however, denied the allegation and said he and his fellow writers in the Malay daily were only doing their job to protect the religion as a Muslim and as a Malay.

“In the Federal Constitution being Malay is equivalent to being Islam. That is why I defend the Malay race although I am a Chinese,” the associate professor said, adding that the constitutional provision meant he had “no choice” but to place himself among those in the Malay race.

This was a repeat of the same statement that drew accusations that he was trying to get into the good books of Umno chairman and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak although he dismissed the accusation.

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Dio says:

This is what Ridhuan Tee said in Utusan:

Saya harap kerajaan buat audit akaun-akaun NGO-NGO ini termasuk PIBG dan sumbangan hartawan Cina kepada mereka. Percayalah, jutaan wang telah ditaburkan. Maka tidak hairan jika kemudahan sekolah Cina jauh lebih baik daripada sekolah kerajaan kerana sikap dermawan hartawan mereka. Perkara yang perlu difikirkan adakah pendidikan dan masa depan boleh dijual beli?

Jika semua tuntutan ini dipenuhi maka berlakulah proses pencinaan 100 peratus. Mereka lebih Cina daripada orang Cina di China. Ini tidak termasuk, proses pencinaan IPTS swasta yang hebat berlaku dan IPTS berasaskan parti politik perkauman.

Proses pencinaan berlaku daripada sekolah rendah sehingga ke peringkat institusi pengajian tinggi. Jika semua ini terus dibiarkan berlaku, tidak ada ertinya nama Malaysia, kerana identiti Malay (Melayu) sudah tidak wujud lagi. Yang ada, hanya menonjol Chinesesia.

Percayalah, jika orang Cina terus mengambil pendekatan tertutup yakni terus mencinakan sekolah Cina, lebih Cina daripada negeri Cina. Suatu hari ini orang Cina juga yang akan rugi dan menyesal. Mereka akan ketinggalan. Kecinaan yang keterlaluan tidak akan membawa keuntungan kepada orang Cina, kerana orang Cina tidak tinggal di lubuk sendiri.

Tidak salah menjadi “Cina pisang” sedikit, sebab kita berada di tempat orang, bukan tempat asal kita dahulu. Saya tidak langsung membantah, jika orang Cina mahu menjadi secina-cinanya jika mereka berada di negara China.

Tetapi hari ini kita berada di Malaysia. Negara yang majoritinya adalah Melayu dan bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa kebangsaan. Bahasa untuk orang Cina berinteraksi dengan orang Melayu adalah bahasa Melayu. Bahasa perpaduan dan integrasi adalah bahasa Melayu.

Mustahil orang Melayu akan berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Cina dengan orang Cina. Itu pun orang Melayu sanggup korbankan lenggok dan gaya bahasa Melayu semata-mata meraikan orang Cina.

Janganlah kerana tidak mahu menjadi Cina pisang, kita turut mahu mencinakan negara ini. Sikap seperti tidak akan membawa kepada pembinaan negara bangsa yang sihat. Tetapi hanya akan menambah luka yang sedia ada. Mungkin ketika itu pemimpin NGO Cina yang ultra kiasu ini, sudah tidak ada lagi. Tetapi yang akan menjadi mangsa adalah generasi yang akan datang.

DS says:

The makings of an Umno politician

An old kampung imam had a teenage son, and it was getting time the boy should give some thought to choosing a profession.

Like many young men his age, the boy didn’t really know what he wanted to do, and he didn’t seem too concerned about it.

One day, while the boy was away at school, his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy’s room and placed on his study table four objects.

1. The Holy Quran.
2. A fifty ringgit note.
3. A bottle of whiskey.
4. And a Playboy magazine.

‘I’ll just hide behind the door,” the old imam said to himself. “When he comes home from school today, I’ll see which object he picks up.”

“If it’s the holy book, he’s going to be an imam like me, and what a blessing that would be!”

“If he picks up the fifty ringgit note, he’s going to be a businessman, and that would be okay, too.”

“But if he picks up the bottle, he’s going to be a no-good drunken bum, and God, what a shame that would be.”

“And worst of all if he picks up that magazine he’s going to be a skirt-chasing womaniser.”

The old man waited anxiously, and soon heard his son’s footsteps as he entered the house whistling and heading for his room.

The boy tossed his books on the bed, and as he turned to leave the room he spotted the objects on the table. With curiosity in his eye, he walked over to inspect them. Finally, he picked up the Holy Book and placed it under his arm. He picked up the fifty ringgit note and dropped into his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and took a big drink, while he admired the magazine’s centerfold.

“God have mercy,” the old imam disgustedly whispered. “He’s going to be an Umno politician!”

Ray says:

Ridhuan Tee is Melayu Shanzhai (山寨马来人) aka Melayu Celup.

Idris says:

Rid-Tuan-T ini tak tahu perbezaan antara nilai-nilai Islam & kebudayaan Melayu atau Arab.

T masih orang berbudaya Cina dengan nilai-nilai Islam tetapi sanggup celup Melayu lupa kulit bangsa demi UMNO ?

nkkhoo says:

There are similar Han Chinese during the Japanese occupation period.

HOE says:

When PAS marches towards Putrajaya, Ridhuan T shall be among the casualites as he preaches BN’s BTN type of divide n rule teachings ???

His “ketuanan” book is launched by Defence Minister yesterday.

HOE says:

Ridhuan T the regular speaker on RTM Hal Ehwal Perdana Islam Thursday nite 9pm – like to crack silly “jokes” only BTNed Ulamas can laugh at.
Watch it if you don’t believe and let me know if you can understand what i mean

HOE says:

if FINAS or BTN wants to sponsor new version of Bukit Kepong movies, Ridhuan T can win the the lead role shooting the so-called “anti-Melayu” komunis.

HOE says:

Ah Tee if goes to Xinjiang talk like that will be under red army house arrest as he is deemed instigator of racial riots against the Hans.