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Indian gangsters terrorizing Penang and Malaysia

The fact is 7% Indian has contributed to 50% crime in Malaysia is a serious problem.

Malaysia is turning into a nation of crime with the help of Indian gangsters and foreign students under a corrupt police force.

You may wonder why no Singaporean gangsters in Singapore? The solution is simple, Singapore government will put hardcore gangsters in jail for life.

Malaysia solution is more CCTVs, more policemen, more guarded communities, etc.

The root cause of all problems is CORRUPTION from top to bottom.

Tourism sparks gang revival
Criminals return to cash in on island’s booming economy

by A. Sangeetha

WANTED: Police are looking for these men to assist in their investigations

THE lucrative business spawned by growing tourism has caused the return of gangsterism in Penang, says the state’s deputy chief police officer, SAC II Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar.

He said it has revived gangs like the “04” and “24”. “They have returned to the scene to tell people how powerful they are and are using violence to either extort money or induct people to join their gangs,” he said.

“They are also linked to syndicated activities like drugs, robberies and snatch thefts.

We are constantly monitoring, arresting and investigating their cases.”

Abdul Rahim said gangsters would go to entertainment outlets and construction sites to extort money.

He said the gangs think there was money in entertainment outlets catering to tourists and locals.

Yesterday, 93 men, aged 16 to 42, were nabbed at a hotel entertainment spot in Gurney Drive at about 12.30am, following a tip-off of an impending gang fight.

Abdul Rahim said police identified 70 of the suspects as being Gang 04 members while 23 others belonged to Gang 24, adding that a joint team, led by state police D7 officer DSP Zailanni Amit, prevented the fight from happening.

“If we had not intercepted, the outcome would have been bad.”

He said a urine test done on the suspects found 43 of them positive for drugs.

“We also found 12 of them had previous convictions in Pulau Tikus.”

All 93 suspects arrested were remanded for four days.

Abdul Rahim said Gang 04’s modus operandi involved extorting developers on the island, citing an incident on June 5 when a gang member allegedly sought protection money from a developer at a construction site in Relau.

“The chaos he caused at the site led to work being disrupted until the developer paid him. In another incident on July 8, a group of 20 assaulted two men and a woman while attempting to recruit one of them as a gang member.”

Abdul Rahim said Gang 04 was not concerned about its inductee’s age and would accept 15-year-old teenagers as members.

As for Gang 24, he said they were believed to have used force to coerce outlet owners to do business with them in the Northeast district, adding that five such cases had been identified in the last three months.

“On April 21, gang members allegedly broke a glass table and a door of a karaoke centre in Gurney Drive when its management refused to buy ice cubes from them.

“They would also order drinks and not pay for them until the management decides to do business with them.” Abdul Rahman said 25 gangrelated criminal force cases had been identified state-wide.

He urged the public to come forward with information and identify the suspects as well as report to the police regarding their activities at 04-2221610.

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Maniam says:

Najib has spent so much money to nambikei the Indian community as below:

•Indian New Year celebration in 2011 at Mines, Seri Kembangan (RM3 million)
•Ponggal celebration at Klang in 2012 (RM3 million)
•Thaipusam 2012 (RM2 million)
•Musical Night at Stadium Malawati, by an Indian NGO (RM350,000, the attendance was 2,000)
•IPF gathering at Semenyih (RM1 million)
•Thaipusam 2013 (RM1 million)
•Ponggal festival 2013 (RM3 million)

However, how much money has actually gone into the pockets of the poor Indians? Likely the money are filtered by the middlemen of MIC.

Lucas says:

Like it or not, and whether we accept it or not, the fact is a real fact, many Indians contributes to crime in Malaysia nowadays.

I don’t agree at all people likes to say something like not all xyz are bad, not all ijk are bad. For me, I look at majority, and yes, majority of Malaysian Indian are problem contributors. I believe in PDRM statistics not because I am blind, but just like many others, I feel the same.

Of course, we can blame all these because of poverty, politic or whatever, etc. For me, excuse doesn’t help. The only way is, the Indian society themselves have to find way to solve this, and not always giving excuse. In fact, this applies to any races.

Take one example, Chinese are no more but just damn poor people when they first moved from China to Malaysia, and this has no better than any other people. They have created a lot of problems to society date back to 15 years back. We need not have statistics for this, it is a common understanding and everybody knows, so why do we deny? But then, majority of Chinese rarely involves in crime nowadays (prove me that I am wrong).

Yet, it doesn’t mean I endorse Chinese are all good, there are bad ass of course, and, the real different here is, I don’t want to deny, just like others always like to deny because of there are same race. For me, all bad people has to be punished insanely!

So, accept it! Accept that Indian are crime contributors nowadays, and work hard to solve the problems, and don’t just deny, this won’t solve Indian society problems!

Freddy says:

Lucas must have faith with Najib who will nambikei with the Indian community to give more sweeteners to keep them away from crime.

raja says:

No choice,no job,poverty,no education are silly lame reasons/excuses for turning into notorious criminals who kill/maim/injure innocent people in the name of being marginalised by the government.So tell/explain why do these criminals take drugs and kill thier victims and also kill each other if thier reason is poverty and marginalization?As I can see it , there are 2 important reasons why these criminals end up like this….1.No fear of GOD 2.Plain Lazy

NRN says:

mr nkkhoo..

i agree that Indians are creating trouble to many by being gangsters..but not all of them are like that..

but you failed to highlight how the Indians got involved in gangs..the was motivation from the Chinese keep their hands clean..they make use of the poor Indians whom had no choice..

unfortunately now it has gone beyond control..but yet until now the big heads of most gangs are Chinese..

James says:

Do you have proof to show that 7% of Indians commit 50% of crimes in Malaysia ? Where is your evidence ?

Let me remind you the majority of brothels in Malaysia are Chinese owned. All the illegal gambling dens operating without license are also Chinese owned. An so is all the “massage’ parlours.

nkkhoo says:

Indian crime statistics is from PDRM. Googled it yourself and call directly to PDRM for data.

Ronny says:

Why ask PDRM for statistics when you know that they have manipulated the data and index the crime according to the need to meet teh KPI set by Hisham?

nkkhoo says:

Then believe your statistics which is none.

KH Kong says:

No need statistics as we are already living in a lawless society when SOP in PDRM is anyhow interpreted. You can feel the state of crime in our country.

So I find it strange that nkkhoo is aking its reader to call directly to PDRM for data.

nkkhoo says:

Unless you have better statistics to replace PDRM one, otherwise take it. Empty talk with no data like you is more harm than good.

gabriel says:

7 percent of indian is responsible for 50% of the crime? (Indian population in Malaysia is also 7%)

That means every single indian in Malaysia contribute to crime?

Anyone with half a brain can see that the so called PDRM stat is wrong. Mana mana lu ambik, pastu lu declare PDRM stats.

Like that I can also say 32% of Chinese contributing to 100 percent of the prostitution in Malaysia lah…

KHoo ah,

Post lah link or something. Else how would we know that you’re not pulling this stats out off an elephant ass or even your own ass?

nkkhoo says:

Your arithmetic skill is horrible bad. Did your father tells you 50% of crime are committed by Indian means all Malaysian Indians are crime? That is just another example of failure in Malaysia education.

Please stop showing your stupidity in my blog, such donkey talk is very bad to project Indian intelligence.

No matter how you turn and twist your tongue, the hard fact is Indian is the number one criminals arrested by police.

I do not think Malaysian Chinese girl is number one prostitute in Malaysia if I use PDRM statistics as reference, of course racist bigot like you will like to “putar belik” like Samy Vellu.