Behind China Miracle >>>

Cities in China are better managed than any cities in Bolehland

I have watched more than 100 episodes of Traveling in China TV program aired by China Communist’s mouthpiece CCTV.

No doubt CCTV has tendency to report only good sides like RTM here. My traveling to Southern China tells me the stories in this program are real and quite realistic, not another ETP illusion.

The second-tier cities and rural towns [China rural town is easily bigger than Ipoh or Seremban or Melaka] in Mainland China are very well-managed than any city in Malaysia. Only KL is considered a city in Mainland.

For example, 1/5 of Xiamen city is occupied by botanical gardens right in the city is truly amazing. Georgetown is a sister city with Xiamen, but Penang government learns nothing from them after many tour studies.

Besides, the entrepreneurship of Mainland Chinese is not lesser than overseas Chinese.

My conclusion is China GDP per capita will overtake Malaysia by 2025.

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tunglang says:

Please visit my blog to see for yourself the achievement of Penang.

nkkhoo says:

I deleted a comment for such achievements. 90% of them are legacies from BN government.

The only compliment I gave to Penang PR is clean and no corruption government.

Zain says:

How can you ‘delete’ comment if you want to uphold freedom of speech?
No wonder your letters to newspapers are also deleted?

nkkhoo says:

Online newspapers like Malaysiakini never publish ALL letters sent to them. Does Malaysiakini against freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech does not mean my private blog is free to accept your political propaganda. Freedom of speech is only mean your have freedom to set up your blog to rebut me or anyone within the framework of legislation.

No blog or newspaper is obliged to accept your shits.