Broadband >>>

Google broadband in America is USD70 per month for 1Gbps

Bolehland telcom TMNUT is still hard selling 20 Mbps for RM249.

Google broadband is 50 times faster than TMNUT with more or less same price. If you factor in our earning power is only 1/7 of American, the parity price difference is 350 time.

The wiring coverage in America is more extensive, Rais Yatim should stop using Singapore and Hong Kong as examples for cheaper infrastructure expenses.

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Julius says:

Rais 1Malaysia ‘broadband’ is only 512kps.
He is really outdated to call 512kps broadband.

Maybe he thought he could fool the people of Sabah/Sarawak to pay RM20/month for such ‘broadband’?

tunglang says:

We residents of Penang got no problem as the wi-fi provided by the state government is free. Muar people can only envy.

nkkhoo says:

Free wifi with 512 Kbps slow speed is meaningless to today’s users.

Ron says:

Ok to read malaysiakini, but Not ok for those who are downloading porn

nkkhoo says:

DAP propaganda in youtube will fail with this kind of wifi.

boyle says:

if you continue to support monopolistic cronies infected bn, everything from internet access, astro, cars, houses, food will always be expensive.