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Muar residents should emulate Taiping folks to force local government to cancel uptown project

The wise decision by Taiping Municipal Council after “majority” of rakyat protested against the hawker project located beside the raintrees. The Taiping Municipal Council listens to rakyat’s voice because of strong opposition in Perak.

Muar uptown project with an ugly structure in the middle of beautiful town is another nonsense project should be scrapped.

Penggerang petro chemical project should be revived with more participation from the rakyat if any democratic government wanted to be elected in GE13.

Taiping Council cancels devt of food kiosks near Lake Garden raintrees

TAIPING: The Taiping Municipal Council has decided to call off plans to develop food and souvenir kiosks near the iconic century-old raintrees along Jalan Pekeliling stretch of the Taiping Lake Gardens.

Instead, they will suggest two alternative sites to the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) that is in charge of the project.

The alternative sites are behind the public toilets in front of the water recreation centre and at the children’s playground near the tennis court.

The council’s decision comes after several NGOs and local residents initiated a signature campaign to protest the planned construction of eight food, handicraft and souvenir kiosks in Jalan Pekeliling at the gardens.

Although no raintree were to be cut down, they feared that the RM3.6mil project by the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority would “threaten” the trees and harm the tranquil atmosphere at the park, considered the oldest public garden in the country.

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YHT says:


Lion Dance Fanatic says:

nkkhoo : The defeat of Muar lion dance in Genting is a good lesson to anyone.

what good lesson ? we lost our pride ! The lion dance statue is the symbol of our heritage and next time other towns will claim they have the better rights to have a bigger statue erected.

nkkhoo says:

Go practice harder and eat the humble pie that no team is unbeatable forever.

alamak says:

Muarians did not come to support their famed Lion Dance and thus lost out the championship to Kedah Lion Dance in the recent “world” championship event.
so better show up otherwise Muar Town will lost its heritage values to bn’s crazy $$$ development !

nkkhoo says:

Win and lost is a part of competition. The defeat of Muar lion dance in Genting is a good lesson to anyone.

Ron says:

Not a good sign for BN in Muar.