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Why PR is so sensitive with Janji ditepati slogan for the national day?

Because PR “makan chili rasa pedas”, most promises made in GE12 still remain empty promises after more than four years.

My archive only contains a few broken promises by PR. I let BN to do their own extensive research to publish all PR broken promises with data and facts.

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Ronny says:

PR is not sensitive.
PR is merely telling rakyat not to believe in the lies of BN.

Reamus says:

BN fulfil the following wish list from rakyat if they wish to retain power:

1. The Altantuya murder case must be resolved beyond all reasonable doubt and the villains and accomplices – no matter who and how powerful they are, be brought to justice.

2. All the alleged and on-going investigations involving charges as well as suspicions of corrupt dealings must be resolved and the culprits punished without fear or favor.

3. Race and religion must take a back seat in the political landscape of ideologies and priorities.

4. An agenda to return to citizens what rightfully belongs to humanity as per the global standards of developed world principles must be championed with doable action plans. This covers the issue of equitable distribution of wealth, equal opportunity to education and merit based employment opportunities.

5. Set the index to how much of wealth a politician can accumulate and bask in upon taking office. Declare all assets BEFORE going into campaign mode.

6. Have the courage and earnest determination to stop using the government agencies and institutions to defend and procure unfair political lead advantage in the race to win the elections.

7. Declare all funding sources for your campaign tactics. Private funding as well as donations from the rakyat is acceptable but the misappropriation of public funds and wealth for political missions cannot be tolerated.

8. Do not use public funds and public time and public resources to pull smokescreens and plough propaganda spins to secure a winning margin. On the contrary, speak the truth, provide convincing nation-building plans and offer solutions that address on-going concerns affecting the political, economic, social and environmental concerns that ultimately affect the ordinary Joes in town.

9. Dismantle all the mega and self-glorification projects that have gone wrong. tell us how BN will re-build a ‘New Malaysia’ that does justice to all the abused wealth of this nation in the past.

10. Provide justice to Teoh Beng Hock’s family by punishing the MACC officers involved in the case.

Royce says:

Another item to add:

11. BN should not hijack any national celebration with its political slogan.

Kramer says:

“10 Tuntutan Janji Demokrasi”:

•Membersihkan senarai pengundi
•Mereformaiskan undi pos
•Menggunakan dakwat kekal
•Minima 21 hari berkempen
•Ases media yang bebas dan adil
•Kukuhkan institusi awam
•Hentikan rasuah
•Hentikan politik kotor
•Pihak SPR harus meletak jawatan
•Menjemput pemantau dari luar negeri

華德 says:

全力支持 30 August 2012【穿黄衣国庆倒数活动】!

要国阵“Janji Betul Betul”,实践和兑现【净选之诺】!

Lord Jim says:

i think you have not seen the “Saya Memilih Keamanan” advertisements on mainstream TV these days ?

BN with apanama on the ad is warning all voters if don’t choose the blue (u know who) then there will be no peace !

Felix says:

Hanya 1% daripada 2683 orang menyokong (undi) “Janji Ditepati” yang dikeluarkan oleh Barison Nasional. 99% daripada 2683 menyokong “Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa” yang dicadangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Sila undi di laman web:!

DS says:

BN is desperate to canvass for votes, having no qualms of turning Merdeka Day into a political charade. On so meaningful a day, the BN government wants to milk as much as it can from all the financial assistance it has been rendering to the people.

By the way, had the promises been kept, there would have been no Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 demanding a clean-up of the electoral system. Had BN stayed true to its words, corruption, cronyism and nepotism would have long died and had the government been faithful to the rakyat, it would not have treated them as commodities, “buying” them over when times were hard.

nkkhoo says:

Why such as a corrupt regime can stay for 54 year under a democratic election?

Besides unfair election system, weak and tak boleh opposition is another reason.

doreen says:


2)巫统根本就没有把马华放在眼里,盒子上的satu malaysia是没有马华的标志的。而且把雪州占为己有,好像雪州是他管理似的。。

Haji Idris says:

dengan kadar pertukaran 2.51x orang cina johor yang berkerja di spura bila balik belanja di johor menyumbang kepada ekonomi johor tetapi MB Ghani dan kuncu-kuncunya tetap main politik macam 513.
habis lah bn kali ini.

Haji Idris says:

satu analisa politik johor yang cukup tepat. sentiment orang johor mula memihak pakatan.

orang cina johor tetap sokong dap sebab kos harian semakin meningkat manakala orang melayu mula sedar umno hanya jaga poket mereka sahaja.

nkkhoo says:

Most Johor Chinese are depending on Singapore for survival and prosperity. Johorean Chinese are no better off than Indians without Singapore. At least 50% youth from my new village have been working in Singapore. All four siblings of mine did work in Singapore since 70s.