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Drop the Malaysia name from any beauty contest

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a Malaysia badminton player who is representing Malaysia because he is the best player in the singles contested in tournaments sanctioned by our government.

Does the Miss Malaysia is the most pretty or most smart girl in Malaysia for her to carry the Miss Malaysia title? Besides, beauty contest itself is a profit-oriented commercial activity which is nothing to do with Malaysia official function.

No private organization should be allowed to use “Malaysia” name to mislead the public that they are sanctioned by the Malaysian government. There was an incident where a Malaysian beauty contestant apologized to Filipinos on behalf of Malaysia during a regional beauty contest held in Manila several years ago.

There are provisions in the Malaysian law for the authorities to take action against any organization missuses “Malaysia” in their commercial promotion.

The contestants in any beauty contest could call themselves Miss Pussycat or any name, but never Miss Malaysia whatsoever.

There’s only Malaysian beauty, says Mumo director

KUALA LUMPUR: The Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (Mumo) has rebuked an article by International Business Times (IBTimes) on the selection of the Miss Universe in this country.

Mumo national director Andrea Fonseka said the article, published on July 14, was unjustified to Malaysians and uncalled for, adding that it clearly showed the writer’s ignorance towards the multi-ethnic background in Malaysia.

“Yes, predominantly we are Malay, Chinese and Indian. But we also have so many other ethnic groups.

Making a stand: Andrea Fonseka speaking during the exclusive interview. — Bernama

“So don’t draw judgment on the society’s culture and country that you don’t know about,” she said in an exclusive interview with Bernama here yesterday.

The article, titled “The Politics of Beauty: Is Malaysia’s Miss Universe Contestant Too White?”, had specifically picked Malaysia as one country that had tended towards fairer-skinned beauties to represent the country in the Miss Universe pageant, while the selection had also become more westernised in recent years.

It raised doubts about the “Malaysianness” of Penang-born Kimberly Leggett, winner of the Miss Malaysia 2012 and of a Caucasian-Eurasian parentage, who was deemed too white for a Malaysian by the writer.

“For me, your cannot crown a girl just because she is ‘too white’ or based on the skin colour.

“We crown a girl because she deserved it and to discriminate against fair-skinned girls because they don’t look Malaysian is detrimental,” Fonseka said.

The leggy beauty, who was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia in 2004, is also of mixed parentage herself.

She also said there was no Malaysian look, only Malaysian beauty, and that the writer should have defined what was Malaysian look to justify the report.

The article also criticised Mumo’s move to introduce a reality television show concept as part of its selection process.

While defending the concept, Fonseka said it would allow the public to follow and get to know the contestants’ real personality better before they take to the stage.

She added that the concept, which was introduced last year, would continue this year, with some adjustments.

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Rajesh says:

I have a friend in agency organizing such beauty contest. Actually such events are ‘sponsored’ behind the scene by rich Datuks and Tan Sris, with the purpose of getting sexual favors from the aspiring but not so innocent contestants, who have to play by the ‘rules’ of these rich fellows in order to win the pageant. This is a dark side of this so called glamorous events. The Datuks even ‘trade’ the conquered ladies with Arab Sheiks in local 5 Star hotels. Social escort is the first step to be taken notice. The ladies are all for it as a fast way to land luxuries items.

Lord Jim says:

Muar 434 Kopi-O looks good, any idea where to get bit in KL ?

nkkhoo says:

No seeing 434 kopi in KL supermarkets. I think can order online from them.

Lord Jim says:

Better to watch Muar aunties in action.
nkkhoo if you miss it can watch it on tonton or youtube.

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Lord Jim says:

nkkhoo, go and watch swimsuit parade and you will support beauty pageants in Malaysia.

most such “beauties” used such events to hook potential rich husbands.