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I prefer to see Lee Chong Wei losing in the final

Chong Wei has a good fight before he lost to Lin Dan. The luck is not on his side and recent ankle injury may be the main reason he failed to win Olympic gold medal.

I still salute to Lee for his sportsmanship and fighting spirit unlike other Malaysian badminton players. Chinese reporters give him very high respect for his performance in the final.

Lee Chong Wei is still a Malaysian champion without gold medal. He is Malaysia best badminton player for last ten years.

Malaysia may has to wait for another 30 years before another world-class badminton player is borne.

As a Malaysian, my inner heart is wishing Lee to win the first gold medal in the Olympic Games.

But BN supporter like Lee Chong Wei will be turned into a BN political chip if he wins the gold medal.

For the future of 28 million Malaysians, I prefer to see Lee not to be “God-dified” as BN hero.

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Lord Jim says:


Hasnim says:

Where is the Olympic spirit when gold-winning athlete is rewarded by cash?

Top 10 countries with highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal

1. Singapore — S$1,000,000

2. Malaysia — S$400,000

3. Philippines – S$423,300 (according to 2008 figures)

4. Thailand – S$372,600 (according to 2008 figures)

5. United Arab Emirates – S$337,800

6 Italy – S$226,500

7 Russia – S$167,650

8 Japan – S$124,200

9 Bulgaria – S$95,100 (according to 2008 figures)

10 France – S$81,000

Lord Jim says:

correction : Lin Dan put national glory above $ when head coach Lee Yong Bo chose to be at site of court to remind him of that.

it’s blessing in disguise for malaysians when Lee Chong Wei lost (he put up brave fight though that political aside we are proud of). if Chong Wei has won, he would be ‘forced’ to parade (like swim suit contestant) to every “janji ditepati” events hosted by umno/mca from Muar to Mulu.

dc says:

if like that,then instead seing of all them malaysian athletes as malaysia, we need so them as representative of malaysian political parties….. screw the olympic spirit!

Lord Jim says:

i hope Malaysians are not naive.
Big game sports are FIXED; especially when sports can be used to gain public suppoet.
Our Madam Malaysia Rosmah is flying off to London on 1JetMsia to watch Chong Wei playing Lin Dan. Lin Dan has won the Olympic Gold before and do not mind to share millions/gold bar Chong Wei gonna win (they are close friends off court !)

if you don’t believe, wait till you see it tomorrow nite.

ps 1992 Thomas Cup victory is also FIXED fyi.

nkkhoo says:

China gives up badminton singles gold medal for BN to influence GE? China Communist party needs more gold medals than UMNO to boost up it own tainted image.

Panda loan project already backed fire with 92% pollsters in Sin Chew say NO to Panda political gift to Malaysia.